Nightfall: the Ordeal

Nightfall: the Ordeals or Nightfall Strikes are high-level 3 man PvE Activities. There are five different difficulties, each one harder then previous one. The harder the difficulty the more points you’ll get for a kill. And if you get 100000 points you’ll earn an additional Pinnacle reward.

Its not going to be an easy task however. After 15 minutes in you’ll start getting 50% less points and after 3 more minutes you’ll actually start losing points. Our Nightfall: the Ordeal carry services is available for all 5 difficulties, as well as with 100,000 points guaranteed. Get your Nightfall rewards guaranteed.

ETA for the boost will depend on the difficulty chosen.

Nightfall: the Ordeal carry rewards:

  1. Nightfall Strikes completed on selected difficulty
  2. Various Exotic gear
  3. Chance to loot various Nightfall weapons and their Adept versions
  4. Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shards
Nightfall the Ordeal
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