New Purpose

New Purpose is a new Stasis Pulse Rifle added to D2 with the Season of the Haunted. It has slow rate of fire but also has a high damage, and comes with the amazing god roll. It has a High-Impact frame that allows it to deal higher damage on longer range, but its fire rate is rather slower than Pulse Rifles with other type of frame.

Plus, New Purpose deals Stasis damage making it perfect against Stasis Shields. The only downside is that New Purpose is not craftable, meaning you’ll have to do some farming in order to get your desired rolls. It also drops from only three encounters, which means that its going to be even harder to farm, compared to other Duality weapons. But New Purpose definitely worth it. And with our New Purpose boosting service you can forget all about tedious farming and RNG, we’ll get everything done quick, easy and stress free.

ETA for the boost is 3-5 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions.

New Purpose boost rewards:

  1. New Purpose Stasis Pulse Rifle obtained
  2. Various Duality dungeon gear and materials gathered during the boost
  3. Experience towards your Season pass and Artifact
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