Mining is likely the most essential and profitable gathering profession in WotLK. Miners collect the ore used in jewelcrafting in a raw shape or smelted into bars for engineering and blacksmithing. You don’t have to waste your time looking through the guides and grinding! PlayCarry players are minded to assist you with reaching any desired mining skills level in WotLK.

How to make profit on mining in WotLK?

Resources obtained by miners are necessary in a few other crafting professions. This is the reason demand for ore and bars is high which allows miners to have direct control over the market. When you max out your mining skills, you can smelt the most important endgame crafting materials – Saronite and Titansteel.

WotLK endgame mining guide

Once you capped you can unleash the potential of making massive profits with mining in WotLK! Whether you use your ore for crafting, all Miners benefit from gathering Titanium Ore. It’s the critical reagent in several high-level pieces of gear, epic engineering helms, and jewelcrafting epics. The ore is collected from Titanium veins which can be found in WotLK locations: Icecrown, Sholazar Basin, and The Storm Peaks.

Titanium Bar is the primary material used in smelting Titansteel. Titansteel is even more desired by all professions that need bars to craft (used to craft patterns and enchants, the main metal used when making the highly coveted endgame Engineering items).

Smelting titansteel requires:

  • 3 Titanium bar
  • Eternal fire
  • Eternal earth
  • Eternal shadow

But don’t forget that smelting has a 20-hour cooldown.



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