Hollow Denial

Hollow Denial is a legendary Void Trace Rifle. It is one out of two legendary trace rifles in game. It comes with the “Extrovert” origin trait, that is amazing for PvE. This trait restores your health after you get a kill while being near multiple enemies or nightmares. This trait makes it incredibly good for PvE but you can also use this gun in PvP activities as well.

This weapon is also craftable, you’ll get the recipe once you get five deepsight resonance version of this gun. That way you’ll be able to craft Hollow Denial with enhanced perks at the Enclave. With our Hollow Denial boost service, we can get you any number of those guns in a quickest of time, easy and stress free.

ETA for the boost 2-4 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Hollow Denial boost rewards:

  1. Hollow Denial Legendary Trace Rifle obtained
  2. Various Legendary Opulent gear and materials gathered during the boost
  3. Experience towards your Season pass and Artifact
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