Halls of Stone

WotLK Classic brings new challenges for players to face. Without the aid of a reliable team, you might find yourself struggling to clear Halls of Stone. Let us at PlayСarry bring you a dedicated team and provide you with WotLK Classic Halls of Stone boost. Act today and have this dungeon on farm!

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  • Quest Completion
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What are WotLK Classic’s Halls of Stone?

In The Storm Peaks of Northrend lies the hub of Ulduar, releasing many details about the Titans’ activities. — in particular, storm giants and crystal golems are in charge of the Halls of Stone. These giants are a dwindling species eagerly trying to avoid encountering the Scourge. Located in the southern area of the Titan City by traveling west until you reach the gate, HoS is a monument for levelers finishing their journey to 80.

Heroes will encounter four bosses during boost:

  • Tribunal of Ages
  • Maiden of Grief
  • Krystallus
  • Sjonnir the Ironshaper

What changes in Heroic Halls of Stone from Normal?

Notably, bosses in the instance become much more challenging, including their complete list of mechanics instead of the nerfed normal ones. Heroes brave enough to enter heroic mode are rewarded with, in some cases, their pre-raid BiS equipment.

Heroic mode offers:

  • 200 iLvL Gear
  • Daily Heroic Quest
  • Good Grief achievement
  • Brann Spankin’ New achievement
  • Abuse the Ooze achievement

What is WotLK Classic Halls of Stone Boost?

This is a carry provided by us, purchasable on store. We have one of boosters pilot your character to greatness quickly and efficiently using a VPN during carry.

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What level can I enter Halls of Stone?

You can enter this dungeon as low as 72. Fair warning, an instance is one of the more problematic zones to complete while leveling; therefore, it’s recommended you don’t attempt to clear it until levels 77-79. You can easily bypass this recommendation with our services.

How to buy Halls of Stone carry in WotLK classic?

Right on our store! We provide carry to the all characters in WotLK Classic. Let professional boosters farm this dungeon for you!

What Halls of Stone quests are available?

HoS is one of few dungeons with only two total quests. At level 76, players can pick up the quest “Halls of Stone” from Brann Bronzebeard, whose located inside the instance. Once characters are level 80, the typical proof of demise daily is available for killing Sjonnir The Ironshaper.

Halls of Stone


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