The capital of the Drakkari ice trolls empire, Gundrak, is battling the scourge. This instance is the final stronghold of the Drakkari Empire. The trolls of this empire worshipped ancient loa’s who they’ve since then sacrificed in the hope they’d be able to fend off the scourge. WotLK Classic Gundrak dungeon boost is a service we offer here for you!

Receive rewards and completion that include:

  • Quest Completion
  • Potential reagents, recipes, and equipment
  • Achievements
  • Reputation
  • Earn experience points if you’re still leveling!

What is Gundrak in WotLK Classic?

Gundrak, the imperial city of the ice trolls, is said to be the location of the biggest threat to the area. The most revered shrines are thought to be infused with the energy of dead gods and are located deep within the city. Twisted Drakkari high prophets become ever more powerful and empower their followers with extraordinary strength when evil energy surrounds them.

The bosses inside the instance include:

  1. Slad’ran
  2. Drakkari Colossus
  3. Moorabi
  4. Gal’darah
  5. Eck the Ferocious (heroic mode only)

What’s different for Heroic mode of Gundrak?

Dungeon includes an additional boss on heroic mode in WotLK Classic – Eck the Ferocious. This dungeon features many pre-raid BiS items for all classes.

  • 200 ilvl dungeons
  • Daily Heroic quest
  • Plenty of BiS item opportunities

What is WotLK Classic Gundrak Boost?

We offer current service to all characters above 71 level on both factions. Your character will be swiftly and securely guided through the instance by one of our best players.

  • Purchase the service right from the store
  • Use live chat to contact an operator and arrange a time for your carry
  • Boosters will guide your character through the instance on Heroic or Normal modes, completing all quests in the process
  • Gundrak is complete! Enjoy


What level can I enter Gundrak in WotLK Classic?

Level 71 is the lowest level players can enter the instance. There is no attunement or further requirements to enter the instsance.

How do I buy a Gundrak boost in WotLK Classic?

We provide the service in our store. To get started, just put it in your basket.

What quests are available in Gundrak?

While we perform your carry, we will complete all quests available to your character. This includes:

  • For Posterity
  • Gal’darah Must Pay
  • One of a Kind
  • Proof of Demise: Gal’darah (Heroic mode only)


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