Weekly Grandmaster

Weakly Grandmaster is the Ultimate challenge in D2 PvE aspect. Completing those Nightfall strikes gives players a lot of amazing rewards such as tons of new Exotics, Adept version of Nightfall weapons, masterworking materials and a Conqueror title. However, they also require you to have a high Power level, currently 1580+, in order to have a chance against even higher Power level enemies, that are over 25 power level above your own.

With all that being said, your fireteam is going to need top weapons, mods, builds and will have to develop a strategy in order to overcome those challenges. Or you can take another path and let our team of professionals boost you, quick, easy and stress-free.

ETA for the boost is 2-4 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions. You have to have 1580+ power.

Weakly Grandmaster Boost rewards:

  1. Grandmaster Nightfall completed
  2. Great chance to get Exotic gear and masterworking meterials
  3. Very high chance to get Adept version of Nightfall weapons
  4. Chance to get Ascendant Shards and Enhancement Prisms
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