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Grand Overture Exotic Catalyst

Grand Overture exotic machine gun was introduced in the Witch Queen expansion. This heavy machine gun launches devastating slugs at enemies, and with its Omega Strike perk you will be firing missiles at the enemies as well. For ever slug that hits the target Grand Overture will load a missile and after three hits you will be able to launch them all in a single volley. But wait, it gets better. With Catalyst installed, Grand Overture will get bonus stability and handling, your missiles will enemies on impact and if an enemy dies from the missile blast it will also explode, causing some more damage. Sounds good doesn’t it? It sure does. And we can help you get this Catalyst with our Grand Overture Exotic Catalyst boost, quick and easy.

ETA for the boost is 3-5 days.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Grand Overture Exotic Catalyst boost rewards:

  1. Catalyst for Grand Overture Exotic Machine gun obtained
  2. “Heavy Does It” questline completed
  3. Various gear and materials gathered during the boost
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