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Bequest (Legendary Power Sword)

Bequest is a Legendary Arc Sword added to the Destiny 2 game with the Beyond Light expansion in 2020. In Season 19, like other weapons from Deep Stone Crypts, it received an update, new perks and is now craftable.

How to get Bequest?

Bequest is a drop from Deep Stone Crypt’s raid last boss, Taniks, the Abomination. If you already have one copy of this sword there’s a chance that it’ll drop from a secret chest as well. It is also purchasable from the NPC at the end of the dungeon for 20 Spoilts of Conquest. Deepsighted version might randomly drop instead of a regular one. After collection 5 deepsight versions of this weapon you’ll be able to craft it.

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Boost ETA is 1-3 hours.

Available for all classes, platforms and regions.

Bequest Boost rewards:

  • Bequest Legendary Sword obtained
  • Various Deep Stone Crypt loot that might drop during the boost
  • Experience for your Season Pass
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