Twenty-Five Tabards

Twenty-Five Tabards achievement in WoW WotLK obviously requires you to collect 25 unique tabards. As a reward for completing it you’ll get fancy Tabard of the Achiever.

Twenty-Five Tabards quick guide

There are a couple of sources you can get tabards from:

  • Reputation rewards. Get an exalted rep with any faction and you’ll be able to purchase it.
  • Achievement rewards.
  • PvP. You can purchase them for marks, for getting exalted with League of Arator or Defilers, or for reaching 2350 arena rating in 3v3 or 5v5.
  • Seasonal events.
  • Argent Tournament

The best source will be reputations. You won’t be able to get all twenty-five tabards just by grinding, only 16. Second best choice will be farming Argent tournament and PvP. That should get you all Twenty-five tabards.

Twenty-Five Tabards boost guide:

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Twenty Five Tabards


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