Battle for Ashenvale Rewards in Season of Discovery

Battle for Ashenvale Rewards in Season of Discovery


Battle for Ashenvale is an endgame PvP event in Season of Discovery that brings Alliance and Horde players new in-game rewards like items and mounts. It is the most important battle in WoW SoD, and it presented to players a variety of rare quality gear and consumables obtainable as they progressed through the event. Rewards are aimed at enhancing each character’s PvP potential, boosting their defenses and lowering those of their enemies. All new PvP items in Season of Discovery could be separated by the acquisition method, factions, and required reputation.


The main items gamers acquire by getting through the Battle for Ashenvale are equipment and gear. These rewards increase Season of Discovery characters’ stats like intellect, agility, stamina, strength and secondary stats. Battle for Ashenvale gear has similar requirements for both factions and has the same stats for Alliance and Horde players. The only things that differ it from each other are the names and models.

The main reward gamers acquire from the Season of Discovery PvP event are equipment and gear. Players purchase it from Silverwing and Warsong Supply officers after increasing faction reputation rank. Alliance vendor Illiyana Moonblaze is located in Ashenvale in a lodge left from the road from Barrens by the following coordinates: 61.6, 83.8. Kelm Hargunth, a Horde supplier, stands at the entry post to the forest in Barrens, by coordinates 46.6, 8.4.

In Season of Discovery to unlock non-available-for-purchase rewards, gamers should increase the reputation of Silverwing Sentinels (Alliance) or Warsong Outriders (Horde). To do this, players need to complete quests, engage in fights with generals and bosses of the enemy faction and win the battle. All reputation and quest rewards available in Phase 1 are arranged below:

  1. By reaching Friendly rep level, Alliance and Horde players gain the possibility to purchase the same armor in both factions: Resilient Cloth Headband, Resilient Mail Coif and Resilient Leather Mask – head armor with different gear types and the same ability to reduce damage taken and chance to be critically hit by 5%. Also, the following trinkets become available to purchase: casters’ Rune of Perfection (4 stamina and decreasing of target’s mage resistance) and melees’ Rune of Duty (4 stamina and 3 health per 5 sec).
  2. Honored reputation opens Caretaker’s / Battle Healer’s Cloak (4 stamina, 2 spirit, heal increase up to 9), Sentinel’s / Scout’s Medallion (6 agility, 2 stamina), Lorekeeper’s / Advisor’s Ring (2 stamina, increase spell damage up to 5, restores 2 mana each 5 sec) and Protector’s / Legionnaire’s Band (2 stamina, 4 strength, 4 agility). That armor and jewelry give mostly stats and could be handy beside the PvP event in Season of Discovery.
  3. If Friendly and Honored reputation ranks allow gamers to buy armor and jewelry, Revered rep level rewards with a possibility to purchase Sentinel and Outriders weapons. Mages, Warlocks, Priests and Balance / Restoration Druids can buy Lorekeeper’s / Advisor’s Gnarled Staff that gives characters 10 stamina, 6 intellect and an increase of mana regen by 4 each 5 sec. A ranged weapon suitable mainly for Hunters is Outrunner’s / Outrider’s Bow with no stats by high at 25 level damage per second. Paladins, Warriors and Combat Rogues got Protector’s / Legionnaire’s Sword, giving the character 6 strength and 3 stamina. And lastly, a Rogues’ dagger – Sentinel’s / Scout’s Blade that gives 3 stamina and 6 agility.
  4. Non-reputational rewards are consumables that players loot after the quest completion. During the PvP event, Ashenvale mobs have an expanded loot table: Alliance characters can loot Warsong Outrider Mark and Horde characters are able to acquire Silverwing Sentinel Charm, providing them with Repelling Invaders and Clear the Forest quests. Rewards are Silvering Battle Hymn and Warsong Battle Drum, which give a character a 2-hour buff, increasing damage and healing by 5%.

The items Season of Discovery gamers receive as a quest completion and reputation rewards in the Battle for Ashenvale are unique to that level. Casual WoW gamers do not usually chase top equipment and enjoy the game, but PvP rewards in SoD are available by going through a normal World of Warcraft activity and even newbies could easily get them. These rewards significantly increase a character’s combat potential, and the percentage stat increase will make them useful in future Phases of Season of Discovery.

Riding transport

Riding transport is a must-have feature Season of Discovery players farm to increase characters’ movement speed by 60-100%. Its system differs from the Classic World of Warcraft since SoD gamers are able to ride mounts on level 25. The only way players can farm Season of Discovery Mounts is through the Battle for Ashenvale PvP event. Alliance and Horde heroes need to achieve a Friendly reputation rank to buy their first riding transport. Every faction has a unique riding transport model:

  1. Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber – is an Alliance transport, a dark-blue tiger with a similar appearance to the usual Night Saber. Characters could buy it after reaching the needed reputation level from Silverwing Supply Officer Illiyana Moonblaze in Ashenvale.
  2. Trainee’s Outrider Wolf – Horde ginger wolf with the same look as summoned from the Horn of the Red Wolf. Available to purchase after reaching the needed reputation level from Warsong Supply Officer Kelm Hargunth at 46.6, 8.4 in Barrens.

Season of Discovery players could acquire PvP riding transport by participating in the Ashenvale event after reaching a required reputation rank with Silverwing Sentinels or Warsong Outriders. Tiger and Wolf allow gamers to move 50% faster, which makes it possible to run away from the walking enemy or catch up to the target when needed. Unfortunately, Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber and Trainee’s Outrider Wolf are PvP vehicles, so players are able to summon them in the Ashenvale only.

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Battle for Ashenvale Rewards in Season of Discovery
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