Nerub’ar Palace – World of Warcraft: The War Within Raid

Nerub'ar Palace - World of Warcraft: The War Within Raid


Nerub’ar Palace is the first raid of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, The War Within. The new high-end raid of the WoW 11.0 update includes the usual set of difficulties: Raid-finder, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. Nerub’ar Palace introduces new bosses, complex mechanics, tier sets for each class, epic mounts and more.

The central theme of World of Warcraft: The War Within first raid was chosen to be Nerubian Capital, which corresponds to everything: the architecture, the style of equipment and most of the mobs and bosses. The color scheme of the Nerubians is dominated by dark gray, purple, black and gold hues. The architecture resembles the undead buildings in Northrend and Maldraxxus military bases. The basis here are ziggurats, caves, bone spikes and bug ornaments. There are also large height differences in locations, tunnels and many cobwebs. Concerning the main faction of 11.0 WoW expansion confronting Nerubians are Earthens, friendly to players’ independent Dwarf race, their themes may also appear in the new raid. As an example of architecture, players can look at Ahn-Kahet, Azjol-Nerub, Naxxramas, Plaguefall or Theater of Pain.

Nerub’ar Palace is the center of Nerubian Kingdom – Azj-Kahet, one of four new zones. Kingdom submerged under the surface of Khaz Algar (or AR-938 Sector, as Titans called it) – introduced in The War Within islands, located between Kalimdor and Pandaria. In this topic, we provide our readers with info about the first World of Warcraft: The War Within raid, break down the available data about bosses and give final thoughts on all we currently know about Nerub’ar Palace.

Raid Overview: Nerub’ar Palace

Overviewing the new raid, WoW gamers will look first and foremost at the bosses and their attitudes towards the storyline. The main plot will develop around the relationship between the Nerubian Kingdom and the Ancient Gods. On the side of armored beetles, the main character is their queen, Ansurek, while the side of Cthulhu-like divine beings is represented by the famous Xal’atat. Considering that she left the lion’s share of her power in her dagger and never managed to fulfill her wishes to recreate the ancient empire, Xal’atat was most likely trying to realize her plans by subjugating or capturing the Nerubian Kingdom.

t the Blizzcon, developers presented data regarding the number of bosses, possible reward level and raid layout. The 2023 game expo unveiled an instance map consisting of 3 major locations and 9 sublocations in total. Our editorial team provides readers with a scheme of the Nerub’ar Palace and allows them to study the raid map in advance.

Nerub’ar Palace Schematic
Nerub’ar Palace Schematic

The front corridor consists of two rooms that may have quest givers or be completely full of elite mobs. Further, WoW gamers face the first boss, and considering the size of the room, it could be a double boss. For example, players should take Felhounds of Sargeras from Antorus: it was incredible but clouded by a small arena boss fight. After the first boss, passages are opened in three directions: on the bridge to the main temple, down to the Harvesе Pits, and on top, to the stalactite islets. Each of these pathways is guarded by the boss, and most likely, the opening of the next raid’s wing requires slaying all three of them. The last raid wing works in a similar pattern: players need to kill 3 bosses on the center, right, and left hallways, and only then does passage to the Nerubian Queen unlock.

Nerub’ar Palace Boss List

Nerub’ar Palace has 8 enemies in a boss list, most of whom are presented by Nerubians. Titan or Earthen thematic is possible in terms of boss design, as well as Old Gods theme. Some old Azeroth heroes who defected to the bugs’ side may also be involved. Considering info shown at the Blizzcon, we can make assumptions about several bosses depending on the areas they are located:

  1. Entry boss has a high probability of being a double entity fight. The large arena allows gamer to keep two enemies in the boss room and leave this fight comfortable, even for a raid of 25 people. Also, the first enemy could be a “target dummy” with tons of AOE attacks and Void-zones.
  2. Harvest Pits boss could be a Crypt Lord or Worm, Chrysalis, Larva-type boss. Tred’ova from Mists of Tirna Skithe is an excellent example of this type. These enemies usually have debuffs, strong adds, and various battle modes in their arsenal.
  3. Spider or Crypt Fiend enemy with high probability guards the Stalactite Wing. Location transitions marked by spider webs and elevated areas imply this type of boss. Spiders usually have packs of mobs and strong poison/slow debuffs.
  4. The last boss was confirmed as Nerubian Queen, who is supposed to be a slow, hard-hitting boss with various mechanics. We can assume that abilities include strong summons, defensive and offensive phases and deathrays.

Other major enemies could be corrupted Titans’ servants or Erthans. Considering the Black Empire taking actions in the plot of The War Within expansion, the enemy guarding the bridge could have their agent. Still, World of Warcraft gamers lack official information on the Boss List of Nerub’ar Palace topic, and we must make assumptions based on dungeon themes.

Nerub’ar Palace Final Thoughts

World of Warcraft community has various thoughts about the Nerub’ar Palace, the final raid of the 11.0 WoW expansion. Given the WoW audience is attracted to the Nerubian style, the dungeon theme was to many gamers’ liking. This style has been one of the main themes of the second plan faction since Warcraft 3 and continued in Wrath and other expansions. In this way, Azj-Kahet allows developers to prepare a lot of in-game content to fit into the Nerubian style, including equipment and mounts.

The mounts are worthy of a separate mention in the context of Nerub’ar Palace because of an old Blizzard build-up. Azjol-Nerub was originally meant to be a giant underground location, so massive that it required unique mounts capable of climbing steep grades. This concept could be applied in Azj-Kahet and Nerub’ar Palace to help World of Warcraft gamers deal with difficult terrain.

The plot of Nerub’ar Palace centered on the Nerubian Kingdom and bugs’ threat to Earthens and other species. Therefore, the main storytelling moments will be about revealing the ancient secrets of the Titans. Their investigations were aimed at the Curse of Flesh solution, the Aqir race, who later became Silithids, Mantids, and Nerubians, and their dependency on Old Gods. 

Since Azeroth heroes almost solved an Old Gods problem, such a storyline in The War Within could be a great starting point for the involvement of Void Lords in the main plot. This ancient evil of the World of Warcraft universe was the cause of Titan Azeroth probable madness and had a great influence on the game world. Such assumptions are supported by information from official sources, such as a recent Blizzcon event, where the developers were explicit about wanting to end old major storylines, so The War Within and Nerub’ar Palace would be the last content centered on Nerubian and Old Gods theme.

Nerub’ar Palace Raid FAQ:

In anticipation of the expansion’s release, World of Warcraft gamers have many questions about the Nerub’ar Palace raid. In this section, we answered the most frequently asked questions from the WoW community.

How to get to Nerub’ar Palace?

To get to Nerub’ar Palace, players must travel to Azh-Kahet and find the raid entrance. Azh-Kahet is an underground location, one of four new zones in Khaz Algar. Khaz Algar is the islands’ name in World of Warcraft: The War Within expansion.

When does Nerub’ar Palace open?

Nerub’ar Palace opens with the World of Warcraft 11.0 expansion, The War Within. Its release date is 15 September 2024.

Where is Nerub’ar Palace located?

Nerub’ar Palace is located in the capital of the Nerubian Kingdom of Azj-Kahet. Players can find an entrance under the surface of Khaz Algar in 11.0 World of Warcraft Expansion.

What item level loot drops in Nerub’ar Palace?

Nerub’ar Palace raid drops items of epic quality in The War Within WoW game expansion. The item level of those gear will be in the 564-605 range. This loot has the highest item level in the first season of the expansion. In addition to weapons and tier sets, raid bosses also drop trinkets and offsets: rings, necks, back armor, boots, bracers, and belts.

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Nerub'ar Palace - World of Warcraft: The War Within Raid
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