Season of Discovery WoW Mounts – Battle for Ashenvale Phase 1

Season of Discovery WoW Mounts - Battle for Ashenvale Phase 1


Season of Discovery mounts are unique vehicles recently added in WoW that gamers could obtain by participating in the Phase 1 open-world PvP event – Battle for Ashenvale. The main reason the newly introduced in-game vehicles are considered unique is the characters’ ability to use them at level 25, even though before the release of Season of Discovery, players could unlock riding skills only at level 40. The new mounts increase character movement speed by 50%, much lower than the usual vehicles players get at 40’s and 60’s. In this topic, we’ll explain how to get new transport, what kind of mounts developers have brought to Alliance and Horde players, and what it takes to get these unique vehicles.

How to get a Mount in Season of Discovery WoW Classic?

To get Mount in Season of Discovery, World of Warcraft gamers need to increase their reputation with PvP factions up to “Friendly” rank. When completing tasks on the battlefield, players gain a reputation with Alliance and Horde Warsong Gulch factions, which gives them the opportunity to possess valuable Rewards in the future. Those tasks include killing enemy lieutenants and protecting allied ones, conquering bases, slaying opposing faction leaders and taking victory on the battlefield. Improving relations with each faction allows characters to buy SoD Phase 1 PvP mounts. Below, readers can find a quick guide to obtaining mounts for the Alliance and Horde sides.


Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber – is an Alliance Season of Discovery mount that gamers acquire by raising a reputation with Silverwing Sentinels. The blue-haired tiger has the same appearance as one of the Night Elves’ original transport, Nightsaber. The difference between Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber and Reins of the Nightsaber is that the new PvP vehicle has lower movement speed and no race requirements for the owner’s race.

Trainee's Sentinel Nightsaber

 To get Season of Discovery Phase 1 mount, Alliance players need to:

  1. Deal with objectives at the Ashenvale battlefield or Warsong Gulch.
  2. Increase reputation with Silverwing Sentinels to Friendly rank.
  3. Buy the tiger from the Supply Officer Illiyana Moonblaze.

Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber has no skill requirements, so gamers are able to use it immediately after purchase. Characters are able to purchase a vehicle from Silverwing faction vendor Illiana Moonblaze, who is located at the southeast entrance to the forest. We have provided gamers who use navigation Addons with coordinates: 61.6 and 83.8.


Trainee’s Outrider Wolf – is a Horde characters’ transport introduced in Season of Discovery Phase 1. To have the possibility to buy this vehicle, gamers need to improve their reputation with the Warsong Outriders. Wolf has the same look as the original Orkish Red Wolf and has the same differences with its predecessor as an Alliance tiger. To match the level cap of Phase 1, Trainee’s Outrider Wolf has reduced characteristics and differing usage conditions, such as level or race requirements and summon location restrictions.

Trainee's Outrider Wolf

To get Season of Discovery PvP mount, Horde players need to:

  1. Participate in Phase 1 PvP event or Warsong Gulch and complete tasks.
  2. Raise reputation with Warsong Outriders to Friendly rank.
  3. Find Outrider’s Supply Officer Kelm Hargunth and purchase the wolf.

Horde characters do not need to learn riding skills in order to use a Trainee’s Outrider Wolf. Warsong Outriders’ vendor, which sells new transport, is located in the Barrens near the entrance to the Ashenvale forest. Gamers can find Kel Hargunth by coordinates 46.6 and 8.4.

Getting a mount in Season of Discovery Phase 1 is a challenging task for World of Warcraft gamers that requires them to participate in new PvP activities and improve their characters’ relationships with certain factions. In addition, results could be achieved by players’ participation at the Warsong Gulch battleground, even though it’s taking more time. But the time spent on any of the ways to gain reputation is worth it, considering the uniqueness and benefit that a mount brings to its owner.

Season of Discovery Mount Cost

The Mounts cost in Season of Discovery Phase 1 is very low compared to other transport gamers can get in World of Warcraft Classic. The price is corrected to the characters’ purchasing capacity at level 25, considering that even that amount of gold would be hard for a newbie to save up. On the other hand, regular players could easily afford such an amount. But for both types of players, the new Mounts would be an essential help on the Ashenvale battlefield. This table makes a comparison between the prices of transport in different level ranges in WoW Classic:

Transport:Mount Cost (Gold):Riding Skill Price (Gold):
Season of Discovery PvP mount100
Level 40 mount8020
Level 60 mount10000

As readers can see in the table, the Season of Discovery Phase 1 transport is quite cheap compared to the higher-level vehicles. Trainee’s Sentinel Nightsaber and Trainee’s Outrider Wolf do not require characters to acquire riding skills and cost many times cheaper by themselves, which allows you to spend less effort acquiring them. In summary, Season of Discovery mounts have almost no requirements, are low in cost, and are therefore easy to achieve and handy in conditions of Phase 1.

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Season of Discovery WoW Mounts - Battle for Ashenvale Phase 1
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