Tabard of Fury comes back in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Tabard of Fury comes back in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight


Tabard of the Fury is an epic World of Warcraft in-game item that players have been able to loot since the Burning Crusade expansion from TCG cards. It is officially back in the Dragonflight WoW 10.2 patch and has become available to every gamer for a limited time! Yellow Trading Card Game tabard was thematically created as Warrior’s part of the outfit and suits perfectly in many of their transmogrification sets, as well as for other classes since plenty of in-game items have the same color theme.

At different times Upper Deck Entertainment (UDE), a company responsible for World of Warcraft TCG, released many tabards with similar appearance but in different color styles. Even in Dragonflight expansion you still can see collectors showing off items such as similar tabards of Frost, Flame, and Arcane (with corresponding colors of mage specs), and others.

Each of them was available primarily from Trading Card Game, a predecessor of Hearthstone, which was shut down by Blizzard Entertainment in 2013. TCG provided players with extra cards in booster packs, each of them included UDE points, required for collecting in-game items including tabards.

At the time of the first appearance, to get Tabard of Fury gamers needed to get a code from the card at a price of 2000 UDE points. Later, when the card game was suspended, the item was seen in the in-game Black Market from time to time. But since it was very rare, item collectors wasted up to thousands of dollars to achieve just one of those unique collectibles, buying it on trading platforms like eBay.

Now all you need is to follow our simple instructions and get such a valuable collector’s item yourself!

How to get Tabard of Fury?

At the end of autumn came to light that Amazon Prime is preparing a new collaboration with Blizzard in one of the games. To get Tabard of Fury in World of Warcraft you need to go through the steps listed below.

  1. Register Amazon, Twitch, and accounts.
  2. Connect acc and Amazon with Twitch to become a Prime Gamer and be able to take part in giveaways from Blizzard.
  3. Buy an Amazon Prime Gaming subscription or start a Free Trial.
  4. Check a “Reward” page at Amazon Gaming to claim the reward.

Congratulations, next time you log into World of Warcraft, Tabard of Fury will show up in your Collectibles.

EventPrime Gaming
Start date28 of November, 2023
End date26 of December, 2023
Participated, Amazon Prime Gaming and Twitch personal accounts

For the regular Dragonflight player, it takes no more than 5 minutes to get Tabard of Fury during this event. If a gamer completes all the required steps, he receives an epic tabard transmog within a few clicks! But remember, the promotion is available only for a limited time, and tabard will probably never come back to the game, like other items from one-time promos. So don’t lose an opportunity to get your reward! Stay tuned with us for the latest updates on Blizzard giveaways!

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Tabard of Fury comes back in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
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