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Wild Rift Wins is a boosting service that provides LoL gamers with the possibility of increasing their win rate and climbing the competitive ladder up to the highest ranks, like Diamond, Master, and Challenger. Single Win carries guarantee customers a certain amount of victories in WR, which can be necessary in different situations. Regardless of the player’s goal, our boosters are ready to perform any amount of victories as soon as possible!

As in any MOBA game, a Win is the main goal in League of Legends: Wild Rift. However, it is not always possible to achieve it on your own. At this point, some players consider buying a boost. PlayCarry offers our customers the opportunity to enjoy the game without spending a lot of time and effort that may be required to achieve the desired victory. We care about our customers and do our best to help them.

Need a few victories to receive a rank reward at the end of the season? Want to upgrade your rank, but hesitate with taking the last step? Buying a boost for wins in Wild Rift is the best decision in situations like this, since our team of professional gamers ensures the best possible service, and also guarantees fast completion.

Wild Rift Win Rate

Since Wild Rift is a competitive MOBA game, it has a rating distribution system in it. Currently, it consists of 10 ranks. With millions of players from all around the world, the competition is very intense, so each win is really important to keep up with the ladder. Usually, an average WR player has a win rate of 45-50% or less, depending on the league. However, it is different with PlayCarry’s professional boosters.

Around 50% of all Wild Rift players are placed in Iron and Bronze leagues. Win rate of our boosters in those ranks is the highest, around 95%. It is slightly harder to succeed in Silver and Gold, but we still get 85%-90% of victories there. In Platinum, Emerald and above, the win rate is almost the same, around 85%, but those ranks consist of 5% of players base, so each win helps us to become better.

Winning may be difficult even for the best gamers sometimes, but practice is the key. We complete a vast amount of Wild Rift Win Rate services, which improves our skill. Boosters are ready to share their knowledge and improve the win rate of any account!

How to win in Wild Rift?

Wild Rift is a game that requires players to cooperate and use different tactics depending on situations. The ultimate goal of the match is to destroy the enemy team’s Nexus- their base, and to defend your own base from destruction. The main difference between PC version of League of Legends and mobile version, Wild Rift, is that in WR after T3, the towers have no inhibitors, and the towers themselves have a lower amount of health, which is why the games turn out to be more dynamic than in LoL, but still very similar in their mechanics.

Our boosters have been carrying matches in both game versions for a few years, so they can be really helpful when it comes to useful advice. We asked them to share a little bit of their knowledge, and created this tip list which can help WR players to answer the question How to win in Wild Rift:

  1. Select the right champions. It is very important to follow the choice of the characters of your own and the enemy team. Pick and counter-pick can both determine victory at the very beginning, and ruin the game even for strong players. If the team lacks a tank, the player should choose a champion who will initiate battles, or if the team lacks damage, he should choose an assassin, etc. Solo lane players should look at the pick early in the preparation for a match.
  2. Choose the best lane. Wild Rift has 4 lanes – jungle, top, mid and ads. Each position is difficult in its own way, but if you learn how to carry one well, it will be easier with the rest. Certain champions perform better in specific lanes, this should be taken into account along with the counter-pick.
  3. Communicate with your teammates. In WR, players have two communication options – chat and ping. It is very important to give the team information about what is happening on the map and in a particular position. Teammates will be able to come in time and help if you show them where the enemy is.
  4. Pay close attention to your surroundings. Check minimap and track your enemies and allies constantly. Make sure to help whenever you see that your teammates are gathering together to fight someone and don’t forget to farm gold while avoiding ganks.
  5. Building the right items can make a significant difference in a match. It is important not only to know the meta build for your hero, but also to be able to take into account the characters of the enemy. Depending on the enemy champion, you should be able to collect the right items. For example, those that burn the mana of magical characters, or those that block physical damage from assassins.

By following those tips, our skilled boosters achieve the best results and win in Wild Rift. Of course, skill is an important factor as well. It’s hard to be sure of the victory while having some troubles with understanding strategies or characters’ mechanics. However, our team is 24/7 here to help anyone farm the needed amount of wins!

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