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Wild Rift Coaching

Wild Rift coaching is an in-game service, which allows players to improve their performance and gameplay in matches. The popularity of the mobile version of MOBA game, League of Legends, increases each year, which makes the competition even harder. PlayCarry trainers are ready to step up and guide WR player of any skill and rank- from Bronze to Challenger.

Coaching sessions are not only about teaching customers to play, it’s also about showing them how to analyze the LoL match and make the right decisions which lead the team to the victory. A good and professional trainer observes trainee’s gameplay and navigates him in all needed aspects, like thoughtful laning on mid, adc, top and jungle, or understanding current meta champions and their builds, etc. With our coaching session, Wild Rift gamers receive personalized and helpful advice within an hour.

Buying a coaching session in Wild Rift can be a valuable experience for both beginners and skilled players. Whether you need to learn the game basics or want to carry games on high ranking, it may help climbing up the ladder much faster. Improving your performance is much easier under the supervision of a true professional.

Wild Rift Coaching Options

Even though organizing a coaching hour with our skilled teammates is pretty simple, we understand that the ultimate goals of our Wild Rift customers are completely different. Some are interested in being better everywhere in League of Legends at once, while the others prefer mastering just a few champions and sticking up to that. This is why we added a list of options for coaching sessions in Wild Rift.

Ranked queue

This option is popular, since it offers more benefits than a simple training. With this picked, a booster queues with a customer for ranked games instead of regular matches. With a trainer in a team, gamers not only earn experience and knowledge, but also upgrade their ELO. League and Division are not so important- this option is available for each one of them, even the high ones like Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master and Challenger.

Voice chat

Voice chat allows you to play in a team with a professional player and use voice chat for better results and coordination. This option helps to achieve the best result during sessions. Our coach will help you with the gameplay, teach and give advice directly online.

Specific champion

Champions meta changes with every seasonal update. For those who are interested in mastering a specific champion on a specific lane, this WR option is just perfect. Observe the pro gamer’s play on your favorite character to improve the quality of the game and increase the league. Please note that you need to specify at least 3 champions for the ranked queue, because your character may be banned before the start of the match.

Each Wild Rift player is unique, and so are Coaching sessions. We use an individual approach to each order in order to make the players’ experience with us comfortable. If the right option for your requirements is not listed, live chat operators are online 24/7 to help create the perfect service and assign you to the way of getting to desired goal!

Who are Wild Rift Coaches?

Wild Rift coaches are professional experienced gamers, who are dedicated to helping others learn important strategies and climb the ranks. They are experts when it comes to character mechanics and build-ups, solo and multiplayer lane tactics, and all the other important nuances which separate Top 0,1% players from newbies. They use those knowledge to provide coaching hours for anyone who is willing to try to get better in Wild Rift!

Having an experienced trainer can be one of the most important steps towards the top in Wild Rift. Don’t miss an opportunity to get knowledge that will stay with you and will always be useful, up to the highest ranking. Contact us to schedule a perfect WR coaching session whenever you are ready!

Wild Rift Leagues available for Coaching

Since PlayCarry has a vast amount of coaching teams, we can confidently state that all Wild Rift Leagues are available for Coaching. In the table below, you can see a price for 1 hour session with a pro gamer in each league. Additional options can be added on the service page.

Rank 1 hour price:
Unranked $29
Iron $29
Bronze $31
Silver $31
Gold $33
Platinum $33
Emerald $35
Diamond $37
Master $40
Grandmaster $44
Challenger $49

Keeping up with the tactics while climbing WR leagues is not the easiest task- they are getting harder with each upgraded division. However, our boosters easily carry matches on each ranking, and they’ve made it affordable for every Wild Rift gamer who considers buying a boost. Enhance your gameplay and reach desired league quickly and at a cheap price!

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