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Wild Rift Placements

Wild Rift Placement Games are an important part of the competitive ranked matches system in a popular mobile MOBA game, League of Legends: Wild Rift. During placement matches, gamers have to perform the best way possible in order to get a higher place on the ladder. They demonstrate their skills and earn a ranking that reflects their PvP abilities.

Placement matches in Wild Rift are mostly the same as in the PC version of League of Legends. They are important for those Wild Rift players, who want to receive unique rewards and earn points. Highest leagues, like Platinum, Emerald, Diamond, Master and Challenger, receive the best prizes- rarest skins, emotes, and recognizable frames for their account. Getting into such a league after well-played placement games is much easier than climbing from Bronze or Silver solo.

Some gamers consider a Placement Matches boost in order to achieve a desired place on the ladder and get a fair chance to prove their worth in Wild Rift. Boosting is a great way to start WR journey, because this will help you gain the necessary experience from the very beginning and learn complex tactics and strategies.

How does Wild Rift Placements work?

Wild Rift Placements is a qualifying game system that determines your rank in the game’s next season. When a champion has completed all 10 matches, his rank will be determined based on the number of wins and losses. Qualifiers must be played at the beginning of each season, as this determines the gamer’s title for the entire season.

Why do our clients decide to buy Placements Boost? There are several reasons, but they are basically the same:

  1. It is quite difficult to carry matches with random teammates. Considering that this is a placement match, anyone can be in the team – both a skilled Master and a beginner from Bronze. Sometimes teammates don’t know the simplest things, like what build to put together for a character, or how to play on one of the lanes: adc, mid, top lane, solo, or jungle. Unlike random allies, PlayCarry boosters are real professionals who will carry even the most difficult match.
  2. Insufficient game experience. For example, maybe your skill is already good enough to carry a higher rank, but you lack some understanding of meta champions in the new season. Playing with higher level allies after placement games will solve this issue!
  3. For some LoL players, such matches are a lot of stress. These are the only 10 games that define the whole season experience and how enjoyable the following season will be. Let us solve this problem for you and enjoy the league you want without the hassle.

The Wild Rift placement service is suitable for both a beginner with no experience in ranked battles, or an expert with a Master rank in previous seasons. By playing with professional gamers, you increase the chances of qualifying matches with excellent statistics, which will allow you to immediately take the highest possible rank. Thanks to this, you can get valuable seasonal rewards without spending a lot of time and effort on WR.

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