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Valorant Placements Matches

Valorant Placement Matches are in-game provisional 5 rated battles that allow players to achieve their first division in the ranked queue. Every round affects the final place and league of the champion. That’s why players try-hard this PvP activity to achieve a good win-rate and better ladder position.

How does Valorant Placement Matches Work?

Here’re 4 steps that describe placements in Valorant:

  • Unlocking the ranked matches: Gamers need to reach at least 20 level on their account to get access to the rating fights.
  • Preparation: select your favorite agent and set up the interface settings.
  • Provisional matches progress: play 5 matches to achieve your starter rank and division league.
  • Seasonal resets: gamers need to complete placements at the start of the new rated season to renew their division.

Provisional matches are the most important rated fights that help the in-game matchmaking system to distribute players by their skill level. It’s important to win as many rounds as possible to reach a better stats and league after the qualification.

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Valorant Placements Matches
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Valorant Placements Matches
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