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Valorant Wins Boost

Valorant Wins are the final stage of every game match for teams that have defeated an enemy group. It includes receiving rewards, experience and rating (in case you are playing ranked battles). However, wins are not an easy task to complete for Valorant gamers without proper game skills and a well-coordinated team. But if you don’t have the opportunity to join a hardcore team or want to break a losing streak in the game – you can always join the PlayCarry team! Our professional Valorant boosters from the Radiant ladder will gladly help you get any number of wins. This service is available to players both in ranked battlefields and in regular matches.

Win Valorant Competitive Matches

Competitive Valorant Matches are much more challenging to win than regular battles. Players aim to win and climb up the ranking table to achieve rewards at the end of the season. As the position in the ladder increases, so does the level of gamers’ play, up to the Radiant tier, where players fight for the title of the Valorant best winner.

If your task is to increase your rating or win a certain number of battles – you can choose one of the available options and receive rewards with a 100% guaranteed result..


How many wins to rank up in valorant?

Valorant players need to achieve 1 to 5 wins to raise their rank. The number of required victories depends on the hidden matchmaking rating (MMR). The higher it is, the fewer matches players need to win to increase their rating.

Do wins matter in Valorant placement matches?

Yes, wins in placement matches are very important. They have a direct impact on the final division and league of a player in the ranking table, after they play 5 qualifying games.

Valorant Wins Boost
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Valorant Wins Boost
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