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Valorant Agent Contracts

Agent Contracts in Valorant is an additional activity designed to diversify gameplay and boost players’ desire to participate in matches. Challenges provide gamers with specific tasks they should finish within a certain period of time – a week or a day. Those tasks are different, and mostly depend on actively participating in the match. For example, using an ultimate ability 5 times, killing a certain amount of enemies, spending gold, etc. Even though some of the missions in Valorant are simple, most of them require decent performance and patience.

Obviously, completing contracts results for agents in getting good rewards. Valorant contracts are the fastest way to earn XP points. It is significantly faster than just playing matches and farming wins. Experience points are not only important to show a champion’s skill and level, but also the only way to progress through Battle Pass. By finishing it, all players, including f2p, receive various rewards, like weapon skins, sprays, cards and gun buddies. This fact makes missions a really profitable activity.

Completing different contracts in Valorant is a mostly challenging, but a highly rewardable task. It enhances the gaming process and makes the battle pass progress go uphill. However, farming repeatable weekly or even daily challenges is not a good idea for players. Therefore, PlayCarry boosting site offers a unique solution – purchase a carry and let our professional boosters do all the hard work. Our top Valorant gamers provide any challenge efficiently and in no-time.

Weekly and Daily Valorant Agent Contracts

Valorant offers 2 kinds of contracts to players: Weekly and Daily. There are 2 critical differences between those 2 modes. The first one is obvious – daily challenges reset everyday, and weekly contracts expire every 7 days, on Monday. The resetting and unlocking time is different for each realm. The second difference is that while weekly goals are identical to all the players, dailies are individual, so completing them with a company of teammates and friends is not possible.

Daily contracts

Everyday contracts are mostly complete within a few deathmatches. There are 2 missions available each day, and by finishing them, agents receive ~2000 xp points. Here is a list of some examples of dailies:

  • Deal 1000 damage. All types of damage counts, and it stacks, so it can be done after completing 2 or 3 battles. Usually, it’s not that difficult to finish this challenge, and it may take a max of a few hours to be done.
  • Get first blood in a match once. This challenge is a little bit more difficult, especially on higher rating, where there are no teammates who blankly stare nowhere at the beginning of the match. To achieve that goal, a Valorant player has to concentrate, be stealth, and act faster than the enemy team to be the first one to kill somebody.
  • Use your abilities 20 times. Considering the fact that each agent uses an ability towards the enemies multiple times throughout a game, this can be done pretty quick.

As you may notice, daily contracts in Valorant are not so difficult to complete. However, tracking them down everyday personally, without a possibility to ask the other players about it, may be tiring. Some gamers even use planners to remember about the challenges and not start them in a rush.

Weekly contracts

Weekly challenges have some similar tasks, but with significantly higher target numbers. It usually requires a big number of matches to finish. Since targets here are similar, it creates a difficulty. As soon as a week resets, a bunch of players start to farm goals. Some tasks, like drawing the first blood, can only be done by 1 teammate, so it eventually even starts conflicts. Here are some examples of weekly missions in Valorant:

  • Plant or defuse 20 spikes. Spikes are bomb-like objects, which determine the whole battle result. A team can win by simply planting it on the enemy’s base and letting it explode. It can be done by you or your teammate, both will count as progress.
  • Play 150 rounds. For some players, that sounds just fine, but for others, who don’t have a lot of time, it may be too much. To finish this contract, some gamers have to play everyday, which is also too tiring sometimes.
  • Get 50 headshots. It may take a while to do it as a newbie in Valorant. Headshots are hard in a shooter. However, in Valorant, agents have a lot of abilities which make them fast and elusive. This mission may also take all 7 days of week for a lot of gamers.

Weeklies are harder to do, but the rewards are significantly better. After doing this, characters receive 13k-18k xp, which makes a decent progress in Battle pass. Completing all weekly missions from an act grant champions up to 450+k experience! It’s a great way to farm any BP reward you need.

Both weekly and daily contracts in Valorant have their own difficulties. It may be hard not to miss one of 2 dailies, or you may lack time to complete a full weekly task. PlayCarry boosters can easily cover you up with any of those troubles. We are 24/7 online, as it states on all site pages, and are ready to do any mission anytime! Boosters complete challenges while you are busy, and you come back to reach goals and great rewards.

New Episode Act Missions in Valorant

Just like in any game with a challenge system, dailies in Valorant reset at midnight by the server time. However, it is different from the other tasks. Weekly contracts in Valorant are updated with every act and episode. There are 3 acts in one episode, and it usually takes ~9 weeks for 1 act to end. During that time, each week has 3 challenge sets that change every monday. One act consists of 27 challenges and unique missions, which Riot games tales on the official site.

Changing tasks every week is important to add some new activities and set new heights for agents. It is also a great way for players to learn something new in order to complete targets. For example, to get the maximum possible amount of XP, they have to learn how to deal more damage, do headshots, get first blood in the battle, etc. This challenge update schedule encourages players to be active and involved in Valorant gameplay.

However, completing all 27 weekly and 126 daily challenges to obtain all possible xp is hard or even impossible for some gamers. Players, who want to focus on the game itself, but also could use some xp points, have a great opportunity to buy a carry from our site! With a boost purchased, you can be sure that all of the act, or even episode contracts are done on your account as fast as possible.

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