Season of Discovery Phase 1 New Items

Season of Discovery Phase 1 New Items


Season of Discovery in Phase 1 brings to Classic World of Warcraft a lot of new content, such as expanded PvP capabilities, new spells available via the rune system, changes in dungeons, a raid rebuilt of popular 5-man instance, and, of course, unique items. Loot table in the new WoW Classic Era version was expanded to match a modified balance due to each class change, PvE and PvP possibilities. WoW players always want to know Best in Slot items and stats for their characters because it directly affects the gameplay. In this topic, we sort out what equipment Phase 1 of SoD offers them, what are the popular ones, and methods of obtaining precious new loot.

The list of the most popular WoW Season of Discovery items starts with the profession equipment: gear and consumables. Rares with secondary characteristics or on-use abilities are uncommon in WoW Classic Era before reaching high levels. Players could count on fingers such items being achievable at the 25 level, not even mentioning epic gear. But Season of Discovery Phase 1 offers such loot and craftables with previously non-existent in-game abilities and stat bonuses that strongly boost all three types of PvE roles. Also, most of those items proved useful and well combined with a new rune system in the battlefields and open PvP zone.

Season of Discovery Phase 1 Consumables and Usable items

WoW has always delighted its players with an abundance of consumables to suit each character’s needs. Season of Discovery brought into the game only a few crafting consumables, but each of them has an interesting use, let’s take a closer look at them.

  1. Blackfathom Sharpening Stone – is a powerful consumable made by blacksmiths which improves Hit Chance by 2% but works only inside Blackfantom Deeps. Created by adding Lesser Magic Essence to Coarse Sharpening Stone, which is an unconventional blacksmith recipe. Players must loot the recipe behind the waterfall in Lady Sarevess’s room after defeating Aku’mai in a BFD raid to learn how to create a Stone.
  2. Blackfathom Mana Oil – similar in usage to previous consumable, oil crafted by enchanters to increase Spell Hit Chance by 2% and restore 12 mana every 5 seconds. It works only in BFD, and the recipe is lootable in the same place and conditions as Sharpening Stone.
  3. Elixir of Coalesced Regret – usable item crafted by alchemists, required to start a Void-Touched gear questline – the best gear in a game before the next Phase comes out. The recipe is available from Kzixx in Duskwood and Zixil in Hillsbrad Foothills.
  4. Shredder Autosalvage Unit – An engineering usable item required to farm Shredder Turbochargers in a quest that rewards players with one of the spell runes. Schematics drops in Deadmines from goblin boss Sneed.

Consumables crafting professions got 1 new recipe each, and gear-creating ones got 2 equipment recipes. The blacksmith is the exception: it has 2 gear recipes and a new sharpening stone.

WoW SoD Phase 1 Crafted Equipment

Till the end of WoW Season of Discovery Phase 1, every character has a 25 level cap, so developers have decided to introduce crafted low-lvl Epics weapons and armor in-game items. It’s very different equipment from what characters playing Classic could previously afford. Let’s take a look at what these pieces of armor are and what is required to create them.

Tailoring equipment

Extraplanar Spidersilk Boots – it’s an epic Void-Touched boots, craftable from rare Spidersilk boots and the Shard of the Void and available to craft at 150 tailoring level. Besides increased primary and added secondary stats (1% hit rate with spells and attacks and increased damage/heal with spells), it has a 10-minute cooldown ability to reduce all the thread generated and incoming and outgoing damage by 30% for 6 seconds. This tasty piece of gear should draw the attention of all Mages, Priests and Warlocks.

Phoenix Bindings – rare cloth bracers preferably for Fire Mages with only one, but such a valuable stat – increased damage with fire spells. Recipe is available in each capital from the Azeroth Commerce Authority Supply Officer. It can be crafted as soon as the tailor reaches 125 skill level.

Leatherworking equipment

Void-Touched Leather Gloves – epic leather hand armor with increased (compared to the base) primary stats, 1% hit rate with spells and attacks and Descend into Madness – a 10 seconds long ability with 10 minutes cooldown, which gives 10% attack speed, as well as increasing threat generated.

Void-Touched Leather Gauntlets – basically similar epic hand armor to the previous one, but for casters. Gauntlets have slightly less armor, agility stat is replaced with intellect and Descend into Madness offers to increase spell damage instead of attack speed.

Epic leather gear mentioned is available to craft after reaching 160 leatherworking skill level with the Toughened Leather Gloves as a base.

Blacksmithing equipment

Shifting Silver Breastplate – the last Epic armor in the topic, a Void-Touched mail chest armor that somehow has lowered the amount of each strength and stamina compared with the Rare version, Silver Breastplate, from which it’s created. There is no on-use ability on the chest piece. Instead, it has a passive with 25% proc chance that curses the attacker, increasing incoming damage one takes from all sources for 15 seconds. Breastplate is highly valued by all mail users, but preferable to use it in a tanking role. Can be crafted after reaching 175 of blacksmithing skill level.

Mantle of the Second War – Another Rare in the list, a mail shoulder armor piece, craftable at 140 skill level. Mantle gives stamina and increases Holy spell damage, therefore, it’s a Paladins-only piece of gear.

Void-Touched gear are Epics created from Rares using one of the professions. Void-Touched equipment is considered unique, each character is allowed to have only 1 piece on it, and since gear is bound when picked up, players can create it only for themselves. To achieve ingredients for Season of Discovery Phase 1 Best in Slot gear, players need to go through a small but difficult to accomplish alone chain of quests. The questline includes traveling to locations such as Ashenval, Barrens, Hillsbrad Foothills and Alterac Mountains in order to learn a recipe that allows characters make Epic gear and achieve Shard of the Void, which is required part of each craftable piece.

WoW Classic Era Items in Season of Discovery S1

Since the Season of Discovery has only a few newly added equipment parts, BoEs have become as popular in SoD as in other versions of WoW Classic Era. The great side of these items is the ability to purchase BoE via auction. Many players have immersed themselves in the atmosphere of Discoveries and some do it to earn money before moving to the next Phase. The main task for both types of players became farming of these items directly, so we took the opportunity to show our readers the most popular ones.

Feet of the Lynx – is a leather feet armor piece that drops from mobs around Azeroth in 23-27 level range, Rogues and Feral Druids favorite low-level BoE in WoW. Feet of the Lynx well-known in WoW Classic players community, and this is probably the first leather boots WoW gamers recall if somebody asks them. Item offers 3 strength and 8 agility, required 19 level to wear, and by stats/lvl ratio, boots could be considered as high-tier in terms of character enhancement. Average drop rate of footwear BoE is around 0.05% and according to open statistics sources the best place to farm them is Ashenvale and Thousand Needles.

Ring of Precision – another agility item that exists only at Ashenvale loot table and drops from elite Tide Priestesses outside of the BFD or trash inside the instance. But mobs outside have a better drop rate, which is 0.4%. Ring’s stats are 6 agility and 3 spirit, making it quite powerful in Season of Discovery Phase 1.

Darkweave Breeches – and another Ashenvale drop, but this time a cloth one. The best mobs players should farm to loot Breeches is Shadethiket Moss Eaters (0.2% drop rate), located just north of Astranaar.Β  Gives character 4 stamina, 7 intellect and 6 spirit. According to the editors ‘ observations, BoE pants are the most frequently auctioned item on the list.

Magefist Gloves – is a cloth hand armor that provides a character with 3 stamina, 5 intellect and 4 spit. The level requirement for the gloves is the lowest among all loot in the list, which allows players to wear it at 15 level already. Farm needs to be done again near BFD, but this time the target is elite satyrs. Other mobs to farm BoE are Grunts from Dragonmaw Camp in Wetlands. The drop rate from orks and satyrs is the same and is 0,05%.

Magician’s Mantle – cloth shoulders and the only armor part listed with secondary stats increases. Provides bearer with 9 intellect and 5 damage or healing increase from spells. Despite almost the same drop rate (0,04%), this item is rarely seen at the auction house, and its price varies greatly. The best place to farm shoulders up is Galak Camps in Thousand Needles.

In WoW SoD Blizzard introduces content gradually, including craftable and lootable items. Season of Discovery added a small amount of equipment to the game, but each of these items is unique and very powerful, given their properties, which clearly affected the balance of the game in terms of redistributing loot in dungeons and creating “perfect” equipment sets for each class. But instead of wasting time picking gear here and there, gamers should buy Season of Discovery Boost and get a perfect WoW Classic character. Service saves time and nerves and provides players with any loot they desire, so their schedule becomes free for any game activity of interest.

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