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WoW Classic Level Boost

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WoW Classic Level Boost is an in-game service during which an experienced gamer performs quick powerleveling for a Vanilla character. This is one of the most popular services in our store – around 7% of all World of Warcraft classic players contacted us to set up a carry. It is unsurprising since power leveling in Vanilla is a challenging and repetitive activity. XP farming usually consists of killing mobs, completing quests, running dungeons and raids, or participating in events.

A power level boost in WoW Classic is a great way to save yourself some time. Unlike in retail World of Warcraft, getting lvl 60 takes around 4-5 days of non-stop gaming! It also depends on the correct route because a player without a prepared strategy spends a lot of time on unnecessary tasks. Since the launch of WoW Classic Era, our boosters mastered all the methods to shorten this process and make it affordable for everyone. Contact our live chat support and start a boost whenever you need it!

Buying Cheap Level Boosting in WoW Classic

Some WoW gamers wonder where they should buy a cheap level boost in Classic. There are plenty of stores that offer this type of service, but not all of them are legit and provide a desired powerleveling with deep knowledge of the game. Most of them even use software to make the process faster, which eventually leads to a ban with 95% chance. In PlayCarry store, we only work with legit professionals who know how to make a quick leveling boost in any Classic version of World of Warcraft:

Season of Discovery Level Boost

Currently, in WoW Season of Discovery, players can only get to lvl 25. In the future SoD phases, Blizzard will add more levels up to 60. Even though, at this point it looks easy, Classic power leveling is still a challenge for players. There are certain questline routes that allow gamers to upgrade champion’s level faster. For beginners, achieving 25 lvl in SoD may take around a week or even longer. Our boosters have a perfect strategy, considering the absence of mounts and rune finding.

Classic Era Lvl Boosting

WoW Classic Era boost is a service that most World of Warcraft gamers consider at some point in gameplay. There are a lot of desirable PvP and PvE activities in the end-game, and our service is the best possible way to get there in no-time. PlayCarry professionals have tried all possible ways of leveling since the launch of Vanilla and have come up with ways that allow a quick farming experience.

Hardcore Powerleveling

Hardcore boosting is a challenging task because of the primary condition of this WoW Classic version – a character is only allowed to die once, and then it’s over. There are no excuses for bugs, disconnections, or other unfortunate things. Besides that, powerful monsters wait for players in different locations. All that makes Classic Hardcore a difficult but unique experience that our boosters gladly share with anyone willing to have a level 60 hardcore character.

Even though level boosting in WoW Classic is difficult, in the PlayCarry store, gamers have been buying it at a cheap price since Vanilla expansions release date. Players love the quality of our services – not only they are done quickly, but also safe and secure. Unlike other boosting shops, we never use bots in our carries, professional hands do everything. We also always use VPN to protect customers’ accounts from being noticed by Blizzard, so don’t hesitate to contact us for affordable and decent powerleveling.

How to Boost Character Level in World of Warcraft Classic

The main issue with boosting a World of Warcraft character’s level in Classic is that the strategies and routes always change. With every patch, developers add some minor changes which affect tactics drastically. For example, they fix the spawn timer of some mobs or cut the XP for certain questlines. This can even happen within a regular weekly WoW hotfix. That’s why our boosters always check the new possibilities for powerleveling. Here are the best options for now:

  • In WoW Classic Era, there are 2 ways to make a boost fast: questing and dungeon carries. The main difficulty with questing is that a player should pick specific locations on every stage because sometimes moving between quests takes a lot of time. The most accessible classes for power leveling in dungeons are priests and mages because of the cleaving spells.
  • In Hadcore, players need to calculate every action and step, especially on higher levels. Professional gamers make their Hardcode (HC) leveling process easier with addons like Rested XP that show dangerous quests and places. This strategy allows players to select the instances with the biggest amount of quests to gain higher experience rates.
  • In Season of Discovery, farming mobs is also an option for players to upgrade a champion’s level. Dark Shore is the best Alliance location to do it, as Hillsbrad is for Horde. The other very important part of upgrading in WoW SoD is group questing. It is easy to complete with a party, and the XP rewards are much greater than for regular quests.

Those are only the basics of boosting characters’ levels in World of Warcraft classic. Powerleveling is a highly complex process that requires a lot of learning and trying to master. Only the best and the most experienced gamers perform such services. PlayCarry WoW boosters have all the necessary qualities to do it and are ready to help anytime.

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