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Gold in WoW classic is the main in-game currency for players, on which the entire economy of World of Warcraft is built. Unlike further expansions, where there are plenty of other currencies, farming gold is the only way to progress through the game fast in Season of Discovery, Hardcore, and Classic Era. However, it is not easy to farm the coins cap in Vanilla: rewards for quests are poor, and the auction house does not guarantee a good income. Our boosters are farming gold in WoW relentlessly, and they have found some ways to do it faster:

  • Farming resources and materials. This farming method is always in demand among WoW Classic players because the game classes require the constant use of specific items, like arrows for hunters. For example, in the SoD, an excellent resource to farm is the Perfect Deviate Scale, which is used to create BiS leather gear for hunters and rogues. Any items that are required for professions always cost a lot.
  • Professions also help champions with getting currency, especially the crafting ones. But it is crucial to pick a profession that is highly in demand. For example, professions like enchanting and alchemy are beneficial when a new raid tier starts at the beginning of the season.
  • Grinding specific rare items from elite NPCs. This way is not the most practical because it usually requires a team of 3-4 gamers. Humbert’s Helm is one such item, which drops from an elite mob in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Farming WoW gold in the Classic Era takes time and patience. PlayCarry boosting store offers a service to get any amount of gold on all servers at a cheap price. Let us do all the hard work and receive currency to gear your character, prepare for the raid, and enjoy the quick progress in WoW Classic!

Buy Cheap WoW Classic on Sale

Buying cheap gold in WoW classic is a very responsible task for gamers, even though there are plenty of stores with it on sale. Most of them don’t follow any safety measures, which often results in customer’s accounts being banned. They also often use bots to farm resources that break customers’ account safety. This process is very easy to track for Blizzard, and also leads to the permanent ban. PlayCarry store sets the best example for others and provides the safest service in Season of Discovery, Classic Era, and Hardcore.

Season of Discovery Gold

In the SoD, players face powerful enemies on the next game phases. Gearing World of Warcraft characters, crafting profession items like potions and food is a necessary gamers’ routine to participate in all end-game activities. Farming gold there requires of gamers a lot of struggle – champions’ levels are low, there are not enough spells for killing and looting NPCs, and there are no mounts to move fast and collect resources. Those are not problems for professional WoW Classic boosters, who know how to get as much currency as possible. They spend hours and days in the game to make sure there is enough gold on every server.

Classic WoW Era Gold

Even though Classic Era is not as popular as Hardcore and Season of Discovery, a lot of gamers enjoy the gameplay. This version already has mounts and a final level cap, so there are a lot of things to spend money on. Unlike future expansions, in Vanilla, obtaining decent gear from auctions or professions was still possible. Buying from AH is expensive, and professions require investment, so what is the best way to progress through Classic? Discover the PlayCarry boosting store and buy the needed amount of currency for any season!

WoW Classic Hardcore Gold

WoW Classic Hardcore is for the strongest and most dedicated players because of its 1 death system. Only one mistake costs every plyer a lot, and losing everything in one moment is very easy. Want to make sure your character has enough gear to always survive? Want to create a new champion and speed up the gearing process? We are ready to offer the quickest possible way of solving any problem for players from all around the world!

Many WoW gamers prefer the PlayCarry store when it comes to buying cheap gold on Classic Era servers. All the currency we sell is only farmed by real players, without using other kinds of software. It is a guarantee that our clients are safe from Blizzard’s banhammer. We also use the safest way to transfer money to our customers.

World of Warcraft Classic Gold on EU & US Game Realms

Supplying gold on all World of Warcraft Classic EU & US Game Realms is difficult. Without cross-server auction, our boosters have to farm it separately for both factions. It takes a lot of time, but we offer our customers any amount of currency in exchange, even in the least populated realms! Here are our small statistics of orders:

EU realms

The most significant amount of gold orders on EU realms comes from Firemaw and Ashbringer. In both cases, there are more Alliance players there. All the other servers are less populated. There are even some of them like Venoxis and Hydraxian Waterlords, which only consist of 1 faction – fully Horde or fully Alliance. We supply players from all servers with money.

US realms

WoW Classic Gold is the most popular service on US gaming realms. These World of Warcraft servers have different economy from EU because there’re less bots and currency sellers. Using the example of the most populated realm, Whitemane, more than 24% of gamers want to purchase currency. However, they are often stopped by unfair prices or long delivery times.

PlayCarry farmers work day and night to earn gold on Classic EU & US Game Realms in World of Warcraft. However, we manage to keep the price cheap, fair, and affordable for every WoW gamer. Contact us anytime and book the needed amount of gold immediately!

Classic Gold WoW FAQ:

What is the best place to Buy WoW Classic Gold?

PlayCarry is the best place to buy gold in WoW. Our store is one of the highest-rated WoW boosting sites. We offer only safe and secure services, and plenty of currency is always available on EU and US realms. Besides that, we offer discounts for regular customers and those who recommend us to their friends!

How to Buy Gold in WoW Classic

Purchasing WoW Classic gold with us is pretty simple. Just select the needed faction and realm from the list, and then enter the needed amount. Select the desired way of obtaining the currency. After that, contact us in the live chat to set everything up. For any troubles with making an order, also use our chat. It’s 24/7 online, and our managers answer within 20 seconds!

What is the Gold cap in World of Warcraft Classic?

The gold cap in all versions of Classic WoW is around 214k. It was this way when Vanilla was first released due to the code limitations. Even though it could have been fixed now, the developers decided to let it be this way to preserve the spirit of the Classic.

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