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Diablo 4 PvP boost is an in-game service designed to help gamers achieve new heights in competitive battles. Player versus player mechanic is really important to the gaming community. It has a decent reward system, but at the same time, is much more hardcore that it was in previous games of the Diablo series. The battlefield does not forgive the mistakes of the players and severely punishes them for every death. After trying it, many champions consider purchasing a boost.

Our customers usually have similar problems, yet the most common are:

  • Insufficient skill. The new Diablo zones system is hard even to those, who had a great progress in previous addons. It is also strict and each mistake costs players a lot, so training is as hard as real participating in battles.
  • Low gear score and/or level. There is a recommended minimum to participate in special PvP events, but it is actually still too low. There is no scaling, so characters of all levels are gathering to fight. It is possible to survive with a professional team by your side. Our boosters are ready to take part in it!
  • Frustration after numerous attempts. A few times of losing all the farmed currency makes anyone want to quit.

Boosting PvP in Diablo 4 is an uneasy task. PlayCarry professional gamers carry such orders every day, and specify on dominating both PvP zones. Professional champions have enough skill and knowledge to achieve any desired goal in Diablo 4. Feel free to contact us anytime and book your first carry!

PvP Diablo 4 Zones

With the release of Diablo 4 beta, gamers have gotten the possibility of trying the new PvP zones system. Fields of Hatred were added as an endgame-pvp locations, where all players can fight and spill each other’s blood. However, Blizzard decided to make it even more challenging- there are also PvE activities and bosses in those zones, so players must decide if they want to cooperate and loot some rewards or begin a massacre.

The main difficulty in those zones is that the longer a character stays there and the more enemies he kills, the more hatred points he obtains. At some point, all players at the location can see him as a Vessel of Hatred, a threat on the map. There is a bonus loot after killing a character like that, so everyone starts targeting immediately. That’s why our Diablo boosters gather information about both Fields of Hatred places to survive as long as possible without losing any resources. Here is a small guide about those 2 locations from the professional gamers:

  1. Dry Steppes. This place is located very far west on the map. The recommended level here is 20+. Players can get here right after leaving the city of Alzuuda. There will be a temporary shield that protects characters from immediate death after entering this area, so use it wisely! This place might be more popular than the second one, because it’s located near a big city, so make sure to gear up before visiting it.
  2. The second Diablo 4 PvP place is located in the southwest of the Sanctuary, near Kejistan. It also has a recommended level of 20+, but there are always a lot of gamers with higher levels. Players can meet all classes there: Barbarians, Sorceresses, Druids, Necromancers, and Rogues. Watch our for an ambush once the immunity disappears, because there will be a lot of foes waiting to meet you.

Even if all of the above about PvP Zones in Diablo 4 sounds challenging, it may eventually be even harder. For those who play in Hardmode, a death on the battlefield means complete character loss. All the progress, resources and gold will be gone forever! Don’t want to risk it all, but want to get rewards and achievements? Diablo 4 PvP carry is a perfect solution for you! Let a skilled professional complete any task you need and simply enjoy the results.

PvP Rewards in Diablo 4

PvP system in Diablo 4 is very complex and far away from a casual activity. It may even lead to losing a character or just become a waste of time. Why are players so engaged in participating in such battles then? The rewards are worth it.

Gamers receive a new currency, Seeds of Hatred, for killing bosses, other players, and completing tasks in the Diablo 4 PvP locations. However, it is not possible to simply farm it. You carry them around, but after the character’s death, those seeds drop on the floor, and they remain there until someone picks them up. Seeds are not tradable, but gamers can purify them with a special ritual at the Altar. During the purifying process, the player will be marked as aggressive allowing other non-aggressive players to attack. When the ritual is done, the seeds transform in the Red dust, which can be traded for great rewards:

  • PvP gear:
    With the generous amount of the Red dust, gamers can purchase weapons or armor in the big cities. These items are not necessarily better than others that drop in the game, but they will reflect your willingness to engage in Diablo PvP. Such equipment has the right stats to each class and can greatly increase their combat capability. In addition, with such a gear, there will be much less people who want to suddenly attack you.
  • Transmogrification:
    Transmogs are a new Diablo 4 system, very common for other Blizzard games. It is simply unlocked by talking to a Blacksmith in any big city. Champions can change the appearance and color pattern of their armor and weapon. It is possible to unlock some decently looking cosmetic items with the new PvP currency.
  • Mount customization:
    Even though there is only one available transport model in Diablo 4, a horse, there are various possibilities of changing its appearance. Mounts are allowed in the PvP zones, so it’s a great way to show everyone around that you are a tough enemy.

Besides those rewards for Red dust currency, gamers collect the Ears of their fallen opponents. These ears can be trophies or be sold for 1 gold coin. Either way, it’s a great addition to any Diablo 4 collection.

PvP rewards lovers in Diablo 4 should be on the lookout. They may be unlucky enough to be attacked right after collecting a big portion of Seeds of Hatred, or to be chased by a vengeful Vessel character. All awards are thoughtful and unique, which makes them interesting even for non-pvp gamers. Farming enough Red dust for any needed rewards is difficult. Our boosters will gladly bring you any reward!


Is there pvp in Diablo 4?

Yes, Player vs Player mode is available in Diablo 4. It's not in arena format, like it was before, more like a constant group fight in certain locations. There are 2 places on the map where everyone is vulnerable for other champions’ attacks, with special bosses and events. Even though it is possible to team up with friends there, those are still dangerous places for the best PvP players.

What is the best class for Diablo 4 PvP?

There is no specific class for PvP in Diablo 4. Basically, it all depends on the skill, level and gear of the character. The only class that stands out from the rest is the Necromancer. It has a slight advantage due to the large number of summoned creatures. Also, this class was available in all previous expansions, and a lot of people know how to play it well.

How to PvP in Diablo 4?

To start PvP in Diablo 4, gamers need to enter 1 of the 2 specific parts of Dry Steppes. Those are the special places for combating, where everyone can attack and be attacked anytime. You can kill bosses and a player will attack you at the most unfortunate time when skills are on cooldown, for example. But you can also initiate such situations and farm as much Seeds of Hatred as possible.

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