The Wellspring is a new six-players activity added in The Witch Queen expansion. It has a daily rotation of activities and rewards. There are two different types of Wellspring – Attack and Defense. In the Attack version of the Wellspring you will be retaking control of the Wellspring. And yeah, you guessed it. You will have to defend the Wellspring from enemies for the Defense part. There are four different weapons on a daily rotation available as a reward from the Wellspring: Come to Pass Auto Rifle, Tarnation Grenade Launcher, Father’s Sins Sniper Rifle and Fel Taradiddie Combat Bow. In addition to those weapons, there is a chance of Veritas Armor dropping in Wellspring too. Wellspring requires 1600+ power level for Normal and 1820+ for Master.

Need help with completing this new activity or simply don’t want to grind it and rather have someone else do it for you? Great, because that’s what our Wellspring boost services is all about. We’ll get the job done quick, easy and stress free for you.

ETA for the boost is 20-30 minutes per one run.

Available for all regions and platforms.

Wellspring boost rewards:

  1. Chosen amount of Wellspring runs on a selected difficulty completed
  2. Chance to get Wellspring associated weapons and Veritas Armor
  3. Experience for your season pass
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