Vox Obscura

Vox Obscura is a new Exotic mission added in the Witch Queen expansion. This mission is repeatable and at the end of it you’ll receive an exotic grenade launcher – Dead Messenger. Finding a quest won’t be difficult, in fact it will be quite hard to miss. Completing it might prove to be difficult though. Power Level 1520+ for Normal and 1580+ for Master is required and, what might be even more important, you’ll need a strong fireteam to cover you back. We can provide that, making it much easier for you, guaranteeing quick and easy completion of the Vox Obscura quest.

ETA for the boost is 2-4 hours.

Available for all platforms and faction.

Vox Obscura boost rewards:

  1. Vox Obscura quest chain completed
  2. Dead Messenger exotic grenade launcher
  3. Various gear and resources obtained during the boost
Vox Obscura
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