Spoils of Conquest

Spoils of Conquest are a currency added to D2 in Beyond the Light expansion. You can spend this currency to buy various raid gear from Deep Stone Crypt, Vault of Glass and Vow of Disciple raids and other Exotics.

Spoils of Conquest only drop from raids. You can get it from pretty much every raid in game. The most efficient way to farm Spoils of Conquest is to farm Vow of Disciple raid however. Buy buying this service you can guarantee that you’ll get the required amount of this currency in no time, stress free.

ETA for the boost will depend on the amount of Spoils of Conquest

Available for all regions and platforms

Spoils of Conquest boost rewards:

  1. Chosen amount of Spoils of Conquest
  2. Various Exotics and gear from Raids
Spoils of Conquest
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