Silver in the City

Silver in the City in WoW WotLK is a fishing achievement that requires you to fish up all the silver coins from Dalaran fountain. This achievement is part of The Coin Master achievement.

You’ll need one specific fountain for Silver in the City, the one in the Eventide zone, right next to Grand Master Fishing Trainer. You’ll need 430+ fishing skill. Interesting thing about Silver in the City achievement is that all silver coins are named after famous people and great heroes of Azeroth and have a flavor text on them referencing their great deeds or lore-significant events that they were a part of.

Nothing else to add, simply fish in the fountain until you get all the coins for Silver in the City achievement, pretty straightforward. Need help? PlayCarry is here and ready to assist you with Silver in the City achievement or any other achievements you need help with. Quick, easy and reliable boost, 100% safe and stress free. Act now and get your Silver in the City achievement done today.

Silver in the City


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