Savior of the Oracles

Savior of the Oracles achievement in WoW WotLK requires you to complete all daily quests with the Oracles faction. Oracles are one of the two factions in Sholozar Basin you can become friends with. You’ll have to choose between them and the Frenzyheart Tribe.

Quick Savior of the Oracles achievement guide

Before you’ll be able to pick a side, you’ll have to complete a quest chain that ends with you killing Artrius the Heartless. During the fight you’ll have to make sure that an Oracle NPC named Jaloot survives, so you’ll have to kill the other one – Zepik the Gorloc Hunter. After you win that fight, Jaloot will offer you a new quest. Upon completing this quest you’ll get an honored reputation with Oracles and will be able to pick up daily quests. Here’s a list of all the daily quests you’ll need to complete for Saviour of the Oracles achievement:

  • Will of the Titans
  • Song of Reflection
  • A Clearing Song
  • Song of Wind and Water
  • Mastery of the Crystals
  • Power of the Great Ones
  • Song of Fecundity
  • Appeasing the Great Rain Stone

There are 3 quest giver mobs in the Oracles camp. They’ll be giving out different daily’s each day so all you have to do is to check up on them for a few days in a row and farm them out.

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Savior of the Oracles


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