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Sailspy Pitchglass (Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle)

Sailspy Pitchglass is a new pirate-themed linear fusion rifle added to D2 with the Season of Plunder. Linear Fusion Rifles are still very good in current meta, they are capable of delivering very good single-target damage. Sailspy Pitchglass can offer a few strong combinations of perks, such as Rapid Fire and Vorpal, for maximum boss damage. However, with introduction of Voltshot, this linear fusion rifle becomes an ultimate weapon for ad-clearing. And of course, Sailspy Pitchglass will do equally good in PvP activities, it has plenty of great perks to choose from to maximize your single-target damage. If you decided that this is the gun you most definitely want to get your hands on but don’t know where to start, or simply don’t want to grind, our Sailspy Pitchglass boost will help you achieve your goal, quick and easy.

ETA for the boost is from 1 to 12 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Sailspy Pitchglass boost rewards:

  1. Sailspy Pitchglass Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle obtained
  2. Random Weapon and Armory gathered during the boost
  3. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level
Sailspy Pitchglass

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Sailspy Pitchglass (Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle)
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