Root of Nightmares Raid

Root of Nightmares is the new raid added to Destiny 2 game with the Lightfall expansion. It is a main source of the pinnacle and other exotic gear. Raid lunches on March 10, 2023. Required Power Level cap for all Root of Nightmares encounters is 1780 with enemy being at 1800.

Raids in Destiny 2 game always offer a unique and entertaining challenge, plus a set of extremely powerful exotic weapons. Root of Nightmare is no different. But in order to be able to complete it, guardians would need to prepare themselves. A good idea would be to finish Lightfall Legendary campaign for 1770 gear bundle. Nimbus will sell the same level of gear. Remaining 10 levels can be farmed through various PvP and PvE activities.

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Available for all platforms, regions and classes.

Root of Nightmares boost rewards:

  • Root of Nightmares raid cleared
  • Various gear and materials that might drop during the boost
  • Experience for your Season Pass
Root of Nightmares Raid
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