Rhuzast the Tempest Kill

Rhuzast the Tempest is the elite boss players need to slain to complete “A Champion’s Pursuit” chapter of Dragonfight Club achievement. Rhuzast is located in Thaldraszus World of Warcraft zone around the Algeth’ar Academy. Gamers can see this WoW boss only with enabled PvP war mode.

Rhuzast Boss stats list:

  • Type – elite dragon
  • Health points – 4,973,438
  • Damage – 29,589-93,537
  • Spawn time – 120 seconds
  • Enemy level – 72-73

This boss is a strong enemy that characters can kill in a group of 5 members to complete Blown Through Wind: Rhuzast quest. Buying Dragonflight boosting service, players skip the routine game part and defeat the enemy without spending hours on grinding.

Rhuzast the Tempest Kill
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