Rashok, the Elder

Rashok, the Elder boost is a carry service for killing 5th boss of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid in the World of Warcraft game. He was added to WoW with the Dragonflight Season 2, 10.1 patch. Available on LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties and offers BiS loot such as Legs tier tokens, weapons, armor pieces and trinket for healers.

Rashok, the Elder abilities and fight tactics

Rashok is a legendary leader of Zaquali that was imprisoned in the Crucible for thousands of years. He escaped due to the recent events and now seeks revenge for his suffering.

The main mechanic of the fight will be Rashok’s Energy. If it reaches 100 he will cast the “Ancient Fury” spell, dealing tons of damage to everyone every 3 seconds. You can drain it with conduits but by aware of the “Volatile Explosion” and “Radiating Heat” effects that will damage the whole raid every 1.5 seconds. Unyielding Rage effect will trigger if the boss is fully drained of energy and deal a small amount of damage to all players and gets a 100% effect increase buff for the next cast.

Tanks will have to keep an eye out for 2 abilities:

  • Flaming Upsurge
  • Earthren Crush

Both will apply a debuff on an active tank that will increase its next hit by 500% for 40 seconds. Rotation MT and OT will be crucial for this phase. They should also be aware of the positioning to avoid triggering Unyeliding Rage.

Charged Smash, Searing Slam and Raging Stomp are massive AoE spells players need to look out for. Shadowlava Blast works as a frontal cleave and only hits those in front of the boss. Healers must react accordingly if someone gets hit by any of those attacks.

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Rashok, the Elder
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