Psi Ops Battlegrounds

Psi Ops Battlegrounds are the new playlist activity added in a Season of the Risen. Its rewards guardians with new weapons and gear. In order to unlock it you will have to complete second mission of the Witch Queen Campaign, which can be a bit challenging on its own. Completing Psi Ops Battlegrounds won’t be an easy walk either. But we can make it easy with our Psi Ops Battlegrounds boost service. Let us do all the heavy lifting, leaving you with a task of colleting the rewards.

ETA for the boost is 15-30 minutes per one run.

Available for all platforms.

Psi Ops Battlegrounds boost rewards:

  1. Chosen amount of Psi Ops Battlegrounds completed on selected difficulty
  2. Various Pinnacle gear rewards
  3. Various weapon and armor obtained during the boost
Psi Ops Battlegrounds

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