X3 Mythic+15

Mythic+ dungeons are the biggest part of Shadowlands PvE. Best way to get PvE gear, by far.

But what if you are not geared enough or don’t have a high enough mythic rating to get invited into a decent group? Don’t worry, we got you. We are offering our bundle for three Mythic+15 runs. Not only will you have a chance to loot up to 6 items and additional guaranteed item in your Weekly Vault, but also, we’ll help you increase your Mythic+ rating and will get you some valor points as well.

No item level or Mythic+ rating requirements. All classes, all specs, all servers, both factions. We have no limits.

Three Mythic+15 runs bundle rewards:

  • Chance to loot up to 6 288 ilvl items from a dungeon chests
  • Guaranteed 304 ilvl item in your Weekly Vault chest
  • Up to 600 valor points
  • Mythic+ rating points for completing 3 dungeons on +15


X3 Mythic+15


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