WOTLK Leveling 1-80 Boost

WOTLK expansion is considered to be the best expansion for the World of Warcraft by many. If you’ve played any other classic expansions you can transfer your character to WOTLK servers and continue playing your character. But what if you haven’t played any of the classic expansion? Or want to level up a brand-new character for WOTLK expansion? You’ll have to level up it all the way from level 1 to level 80. A nightmare for those who do not like leveling. That’s where we can help, with our WOTLK Leveling 1-80 boost. We’ll get any of your characters to level 80 as fast as possible, without using any exploits or 3rd party software.

ETA for the boost is 17-19 days.

Available for all classes and regions.

WOTLK Leveling 1-80 boost rewards:

  1. Character of your choosing leveled up to level 80
  2. All gold, rare or epic items and other kinds of loot gathered during the boost
Wotlk Leveling 1-80 Boost


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WOTLK Leveling 1-80 Boost
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