The Undying

The Undying achievement in WoW WotLK as well as the Undying title are one of the hardest, if not the hardest, challenges you’ll face in the 10-player version of Naxxramas raid.

The Undying achievement and title in WoW WotLK quick explanation and guide

In order to complete this achievement, you’ll have to fully clear the 10-player Naxxramas raid without letting any of your raid members die. No room for mistakes. You need to be well geared, mentally and tactically prepared and need to have a nicely balanced raid group for such a hard run. And even that will not guarantee you success, some of the bosses in Naxxramas can still cause you troubles, if you get unlucky. For example, Kel’thuzad and his Frost blast ability can easily kill one of your tanks ruining your almost perfect run at the very end.

Benefits of getting The Undying boost

This achievement can be quite stressful. Plus, it won’t be easy to find a group willing to give it a try, even harder to find one that will be able to actually complete it. A number of things can go wrong while attempting a flawless run.

Getting The Undying carry will fix all of that:

  • Geared and skilled group that know what to do
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  • The Undying achievement and the Undying title of course

Gaming should be fun, let us take care of the boring or hard parts, enjoy the game, we’ll deal with the rest.

The Undying


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The Undying
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