Mythic+15 + Raid

Starting your PvE journey in Shadowlands might be rather difficult, especially if you have no gear or Mythic+ rating and Raid achievements for killing bosses. And without that your chances of getting into a decent group are practically zero. Good news is that we know how to fix that. With our Dungeon + Heroic Fated Raid bundle we’ll get you a full Heroic current week’s Fated Raid clear and on top of that we will add a Mythic+ 15 keystone run. This is the best way to get a taste of both aspects of PvE content in World of Warcraft.

You don’t have to have any gear or experience, we can carry everyone. No restrictions in terms of class, spec, faction or server. Quick and easy.

+15 Dungeon + Heroic Raid Bundle rewards:

  • Chance to loot a bunch of items up to 281 ilvl from Mythic+ dungeon on week 1 and 288 after week two or up to 298 ilvl items from Raid run
  • Guaranteed 304 ilvl items to choose from in your Weekly Reward chest
  • Up to 200 valor points and Mythic+ rating points


Mythic+15 + raid


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