Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms

Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms achievement in WoW WotLK asks players to complete 700 quests on Eastern Kingdoms continent of Azeroth. This achievement is a part of a bigger one, The Loremaster, and is essential to its progress.

Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms in WoW WotLK quick guide and tips

Not much to say about it to be honest, there is no easy guide, just find all the quests and do them. However, there are few useful tips we can give:

  • Low level quest tracking addons will be extremely useful
  • Daily and repeatable quests do not count towards Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms progression
  • There are tons of “hidden” quests that starts with the item, find them
  • Horde has much less presence in Eastern Kingdoms however it is still more than possible to complete Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms achievement as a Horde player

Overall, a pretty easy task, if you have tons of free time and are willing to grind these quests. If not, PlayCarry can offer you Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms achievement boost, we’ll do everything required in no time, quick, easy and stress free.



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