Kirin Tor

Grinding a reputation can be a long, tedious, and time-gated journey. The Kirin Tor is no exception to these expectations. In retail world of warcraft, reputations aren’t that important, especially for professions; However, it is the complete opposite for WotLK Classic. Tailors and Jewelcrafters will need to farm out exalted for Kirin Tor if they wish to get specific designs and patterns. Buy our Kirin Tor reputation boost for WotLK Classic today and begin your journey.

  • Potential achievements
  • Pre-Raid 200 iLvL gear (revered-exalted)
  • Jewelcrafting Design: Runed Scarlet Ruby (Exalted)
  • Tailoring Pattern: Sapphire Spellthread (Exalted)
  • Arcanum of Burning Mysteries enchant (Revered)

There is much more than just the list above! Start today and have the stress of grinding Kirin Tor relieved.

What is the Kirin Tor?

The Kirin Tor, formerly a private and selective order of wizards who avoided mundane politics, has subsequently become one of the most powerful forces fighting to ensure Azeroth’s existence. They battled in recent years against the Scourge, the blue Dragonflight, and the Iron Horde; Dalaran being a significant center of the fight against the Burning Legion and acting as a neutral ground where the heroes of every country might join forces against their common adversary.

What is our WotLK Classic Kirin Tor Boost?

This is a farming service provided here at PlayCarry. With our Kirin Tor reputation farm, you’ll be exalted in no time and be on your way to bigger and better things.

So…How does it work?

  1. Select the level of reputation you would like us to achieve
  2. Purchase the service
  3. Immediately reach out to our managers to arrange a convenient time for your service to begin
  4. Our booster will log onto your character and farm the Kirin Tor reputation for you. Please do not log onto your character during this time
  5. Once completed, we will reach out to you
  6. Enjoy!


Where to farm Kirin Tor reputation fast?

There’s no particular “where” for reputation grinding; however, it is best to finish the quests in the Amber Ledge part of Borean Tundra in Northrend and Star’s Rest in Dragonblight. Dalaran can also be a fantastic source of Kirin Tor reputation.

How to get Kirin Tor Ring in WotLK Classic?

Rings of Kirin Tor are purchasable regardless of your current reputation with KT. They may be purchased from jeweler Harry Winston at Cartier & Co in Dalaran, coordinates 40.6 34.0; However, achieving exalted will bring the ring’s price down from 8500 gold to 7300 gold.

How to get a tabard of Kirin Tor?

The tabard of Kirin Tor is purchasable from the rep vendor in Dalaran. It requires friendly status to be bought and yields Kirin Tor reputation for every daily/quest/dungeon/raid you complete!

Where is the Kirin Tor vendor?

Archmage Alvareaux is the Kirin Tor rep merchant. He can be found in the Violet Citadel in Northrend Dalaran. The structure is located in the city’s northwestern outskirts.

Kirin Tor


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