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Garden of Salvation Triumph Seal

Raid-related triumphs are arguably the hardest in D2. Gardens of Salvation is no exception. In order to complete Garden of Salvation Triumph seal and Enlightened title you’ll have to complete all 16 triumphs in Garden of Salvation raid.

Not an easy task by any means, takes time, patience and requires skilled and geared team. Worry not, for we have all of that. Our Garden of Salvation Triumph carry will get you both Seal and Title in no time, stress-free and as fast as possible.

ETA for the boost is 1-7 days, depending on what triumphs you need to complete.

Available for all platforms and regions. Done manually, without using any 3rd party software.

Garden of Salvation Triumph seal carry rewards:

  1. Enlightened Title and Garden of Salvation Seal
  2. Multiple Gardens of Salvation runs
  3. Various armor and weapons gathered from Garden of Salvation during the boost
  4. All 16 Gardens of Salvation triumphs completed
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Garden of Salvation Triumph Seal
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