Blacksmithing in WotLK Classic is tedious yet rewarding. As one of the most challenging professions to level, players may get burned out or bored while leveling it. Our WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Power leveling service is a strong option for those looking to get a quick and efficient boost to their profession.

  • Craft powerful BoE Plate gear
  • Blacksmithing level up to 450
  • Create bracer and glove sockets unique to blacksmiths
  • Eternal Belt Buckle crafting
  • Achievements
  • A lot of new recipes

What is Blacksmithing in WotLK Classic?

Blacksmiths must mold metal with a Blacksmith Hammer at a fixed Anvil to construct armor and weapons. Mining ores around Northrend and smelting them into bars for usage are the essential resources for Blacksmithed goods.

The new Northrend ores are as follows:

  1. Cobalt Ore
  2. Saronite Ore
  3. Titanium Ore

Additionally, Blacksmiths can create a very powerful item called the Eternal Belt Buckle. This allows any player to add a socket to their waist gear. Blacksmiths may also put sockets on their gloves and bracers, although this is only available to them.

How does WotLK Classic Blacksmithing Power leveling work?

Forget the grind that comes with leveling blacksmithing, it truly is one of the most challenging professions in WotLK to level. Let’s make it easier for you with our Power leveling boost.

A member of our dedicated team will pilot your character, providing:

  • Fully leveled blacksmithing
  • Lots of recipes and essentials
  • You keep everything crafted during the service; make sure to leave enough bag space! (Extras will be placed in your bank)

It’s super easy to submit your order!

  1. Add the service to your cart
  2. Make your purchase
  3. Immediately contact a manager through our customer live chat to arrange a time for our highly skilled player to log onto your character
  4. All done! Now it’s just a matter of time


How to craft Eternal Belt Buckles?

Blacksmiths in Wrath of the Lich King are the only profession capable of crafting Eternal Belt Buckles. All it takes is leveling your profession to 415.

Is blacksmithing profitable in WotLK Classic?

This profession is one of the highest-earning available. The potential yields of the BoEs and buckles you craft can be insane!

Is blacksmithing only good for Plate classes?

TL;DR, Yes and No. If you’re looking to wear any of the gear you craft than obviously, you’d want to be a plate class. However, profit-wise, it does not matter what class or spec you are!



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