3v3 Arena

The 3v3 bracket is the golden standard of arena PvP in World of Warcraft. Tons of different setups and team comps, various strategies, flashy plays, Gladiators, it all came to us from 3v3 Arena. Everyone wants to do it, everyone wants to win. But in order to have a chance of winning your 3v3 match you’ll need gear. But to get some good PvP gear you need to win some matches and get some rating in the 3v3 bracket. Yeah, no easy way out of this. Or is there? Oh, yea there is, our multi Gladiator players are ready to help you out. We’ll skip this “getting rating” part for getting you straight to “getting some nice gear” part.

All classes, all specs, all factions and servers are available. Both self played and piloted options. Almost no gear requirements for anything under 1800 rating. We are even able to get you to Gladiator rank if your character will meet the requirements for it.

3v3 Arena carry rewards:

  • Rating of your choosing
  • Bunch of honor points and conquest points
  • Progress towards Vicious Saddle mounts
  • Various “Three’s Company” achievement
  • New upgrades for your conquest gear
  • Elite PvP transmogrification set for 1800 or higher rating



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