No Reprieve (Legendary shotgun)

No Reprieve is a new Legendary Shotgun, seasonal weapon from Season of Plunder. This is a Pinpoint Slug Frame shotgun, and it synergizing well with Right Hook origin trait, that gives you extra range and target acquisition after melee attack. This Shotgun will be extremely good for PvP, capable of one-shotting your opponents from decent range. As for PvE, Slug Shotguns are lethal to yellow-bar enemies and No Reprieve is not exception. Just get a decent gun to help you out with Champions and you’ll be able to do some serious damage.

Don’t know how to get this gun or simply don’t want to deal with RNG or tedious grinding? Then our No Reprieve boosting service is just for you! Our team of professional boosters will farm you this gun in a quickest of time.

ETA for the boost is 1-12 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions.

No Reprieve boost rewards:

  1. No Reprieve Legendary Shotgun obtained
  2. Random Weapons and Armory gathered during the boost
  3. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact Level
No Reprieve
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