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Monument to Lost Lights Exotics

With the release of Beyond Light expansion tons of content from the game. Quests, activities, even planets got removed. It was put into D2 Content Vault, in other words – it got Vaulted. As a result of this – some of the best Exotic Weapons in the game lost their related quests. This happened again with release of The Witch Queen expansion. Even more quests and activities got removed. Something needed to be done and Bungie decided to introduce a new system to get those removed weapons: Monument of the Lost Lights. Basically, it is a place where you can buy all Exotic and Pinnacle weapons that is no longer obtainable in game, due to the removal of its original source.

It won’t be cheap however, you’ll need some rare materials such as Exotic ciphers and Ascendant Shards but it’s all worth it. With our Monument of the Lost Lights Exotics boost service we are offering you an easy way to obtain any of those weapons, we’ll simply do all the grinding and farming for you.

ETA for the boost will depend on what Weapon you require.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Monument of the Lost Lights Exotics boost rewards:

  1. Required amount of resources to purchase selected weapon farmed
  2. Various gear and materials gathered during the boost
Monument to Lost Lights Exotics
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Monument to Lost Lights Exotics
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