Lil’ Game Hunter

WotLK Expansion introduced some new pets to collect, as well as Lil’ Game Hunter achievement. In order to finish this achievement, you will have to collect 75 unique companion pets. As a reward for doing all of that you’ll get Little Fawn’s Salt Lick.

Quick Lil’ Game Hunter guide for WoW WotLK

Back in WotLK companion pets were not as common as in current days WoW. Which means that in order to complete Lil” Game Hunter achievement you’ll have to do a fair share of farming and questing.

There are a few sources that you can complete Lil’ Game Hunter achievement. Keep in mind that there are some pets that are no longer available in game. Most of them were exclusive drops from trading cards, events like Blizzcon, rewards for one-time world events, like 2008 Olympics, etcetera. But even without them, you still can collect 75 unique companions without any problems.

Here’s the list of all the places you can get companion pets:

  • Vendors. Some available to both factions, some – faction specific. Just find an NPC and buy your pet, no reputation or anything else required.
  • Professions. Engineering and Fishing will get you a grand total of 9 companions.
  • Quest rewards. Complete a certain quest, get a reward. Fairly simple.
  • Reputation rewards. Achieve a certain reputation with a certain faction and you’ll be able to purchase one.
  • Drops. Just grinding certain mobs to get drops.
  • Achievements. You’ll get one for completing some achievements. They’ll arrive via in-game Mail.

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Lil Game Hunter


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Lil' Game Hunter
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