Lightfall Campaign

Lightfall is a new expansion in the Destiny 2 game and it comes with a new campaign for players to enjoy. It was introduced through The Witch Queen DLC in 2022. Lightfall comes with 2 difficulties – Classic and Legendary.

Lightfall Campaign details

The Witness is finally arrived and he brought his newest Disciple. New storyline and new, deadliest than ever, enemies. Guardians will have to find new power to face this threat and overcome it.

Lightfall Classic campaign is pretty standard for Destiny 2. It offers a decent challenge but if you are looking to really test yourself, and grab new unique rewards: Legendary campaign is what you need. Legendary Lightfall campaign is hard, always challenges players to their limits with modifiers for each mission:

  • Legendary modifier
  • More enemies, more hp and tougher shields on them
  • Chaff
  • Radar is disabled
  • Multiplicity
  • Adds a cap on revives and inviting guardians to your fireteam makes enemies more powerful
  • Galvanized
  • Mobs have much more health and are harder to stun
  • Mettle
  • Your power level is capped, it will always be slightly lower than the average level of your enemies

Is Lightfall campaign even worth the trouble? Classic Lightfall campaign is going to be an amazing experience and will unlock access to Neonuma activities and Strand Subclass. Legendary difficulty will reward guardians capable of completing it with 1 class specific exotic armor piece, 1700 power level gear bundle and emblem.

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Lightfall Campaign
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