Ketchcrash Activity Farm

Ketchcrash is a new epic activity for 6 players in D2 – Season of Plunder. Players are going deep into space to get information and equipment from Fallen crews which are commanded by Eramis.

Guardians should complete 3 pre-quests before the final boss fight. However, it might be quite hard to do with a random group. Our team offers you to join Ketchcrash Farm Boosting and get your tasks done within a few hours!

Ketchcrash Carry Farm Rewards:

  • Required amount of runs on your guardian;
  • Weapons and armor pieces we’ll farm during boost;
  • Artifact and season pass leveling.

How to complete Ketchcrash in D2?

  1. Fix cannons – eliminate all enemies in area to start first objective.
  2. Take corners – each group member should take a right position to prepare cannons;
  3. Jump on the next ketch once you’ve defeated required amount of Fallens;
  4. Board the spaceship to activate console and destroy reservoirs;
  5. Go to captain’s cabin and move to Treasure Hoard;
  6. Destroy Security Optic – kill enemies till defense will fall to attack main target;
  7. Win the boss fight – exit the previous location and go to bridge.
  8. Slay evil servants first to cancel immunity shield and damage the boss;
Ketchcrash Activity Farm
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