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Hailstorm Armoredon Mount

Hailstorm Armoredon is Dragonflight Keystone Master Season 1 mount. Players achieve this item for completing Mythic meta-achievement – KSM. It requires 2000+ dungeon rating and lots of time spent on PvE activities farming.

Hailstorm Armoredon Mount is a wild dragon gamers meet while leveling in the Dragon Isles locations. It has similar models with lizards from previous WoW expansions but with updated features like skin and color.

WoW Hailstorm Armoredon Mount Boost

Hailstorm Armoredon Mount Carry is available right after the Dragonflight Keystone Master Season 1 release. Every player that wants to farm this item should have a strong team and gear to complete required keystones within a timer. However, you still have a chance to get mount by buying boosting services if you don’t meet these requirements. Our boosters have over 3 years Mythic+ runs and a decent item level to provide you with the best carry quality.


  • Loot funnels – play in a group with specific classes that have similar kinds of armor, trinkets or weapons to increase chances of receiving loot for your character.
  • Express – start an order with the best PlayCarry boosters to guarantee faster start and better delivery time.
  • Self-play – join a team of 4 boosters and achieve all the rewards without account sharing. Run through the Dragonflight Mythic+15 dungeons with no hassle.
  • Away from keyboard – enter the dungeon and wait till we’ll finish all the routine to let you obtain achievements and gear.

Boosting requirements

  • Select a service and options to start with and proceed to checkout.
  • Fill in additional information about WoW character (nickname and server), battle tag and discord name.
  • Complete order booking and log in to the game.
  • Whisper us in a live chat when you’re ready to start.
  • Accept an invitation from the team and follow the group leader.
  • Enter Mythic zone to defeat bosses and collect achievements.


Besides the S1 Keystone Master Mount, you’ll obtain a bag full of loot with 395/408 ilvl items, 110+ achievement points and valor. Start an epic Dragonflight adventure and have lots of fun playing with professional gamers. This experience will be enough to enter other high-rated PvE content.

Forget wipes with newbie characters. Reach rewards within hours, instead of spending tons of time trying. By buying Hailstorm Armoredon Mount Boost on PlayCarry, you’ll get the Dragonflight work done within the shortest time possible.


How much Mythic Rating will I get during the carry?

Your character will receive a 2000-2300 rating at the end of service. Every dungeon run brings 230-295 points. Sometimes we decide to complete higher keystones, instead of depleting them.

Do you trade other loot?

Yes, we trade all the items available for your WoW character to you. That’s why we highly recommend purchasing this service if you require mount farming and gearing.

How many keystones will you boost?

Your character will receive 16 dungeons on +15 level difficulty. Since it takes 2 resets, we’ll finish 8 runs every week.

What’s the ETA?

Carry has the same ETA as Dragonflight Keystone Master Season 1 – 2 weekly resets. It can’t take less because of specific weekly affixes.

Hailstorm Armoredon Mount

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