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Gift of Urctos


Gift of Urctos is a World of Warcraft in-game trinket item that drops from Council of Dreams boss with a 11,39% drop chance in Amirdrassil raid. Its passive ability – “Rising Rage”. This spell deals damage and boosts the agility stat of its owner. Effect stacks up to 30 times and procs every 3 seconds from enemy hits. On 30 stacks, the item reflects harmful hits and restores health points during 8 seconds.

Gift of Urctos is useful for tank WoW game classes: guardian druid, protection warrior, paladin, vengeance demon hunter, blood death knight and brewmaster monk. It also boosts a character’s versatility stat when equipped.

Raid mode Item level Versatility stat Ability damage
LFR 441 570 72.914
Normal 454 644 87.723
Heroic 467 727 105.135
Mythic 480 820 125.581

By buying Gift of Urctos boost you will get a full Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope run in Group Loot, so you have a chance to obtain this WoW item during the service. Select a raid difficulty and a number of runs you want to start with. We’ll book your World of Warcraft character in the nearest available run!


  • Amirdrassil 9/9 bosses run in desired raid difficulty
  • Possibility to loot Gift of Urctos and loot of 441-489 ilvl
  • Achievements
  • A chance to obtain Class Tier tokens

Gift of Urctos carry doesn’t require specific WoW character gear ilvl. Service is available for low-geared game characters who reached 70 level in Dragonflight Season 3.

Gift of Urctos
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Gift of Urctos
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